Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Randall GROSVENOR [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-2393 was born 6 about 1480. He died 7 about 1559 in Bellaport, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom. Randall married 8, 9 (MRIN:1401) Anne CHARLTON-2623 about 1500 in Bellaport, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom.

Randall had a will 10 on 23 Feb 1558/1559 in England, United Kingdom.

ANNE CHARLTON, born about 1480. She married about 1500 RANDALL GROSVENOR, Esq., of Bellaport (in Muckleston), Shropshire, son of Randall Grosvenor, Esq., of Bellaport (in Mudkleston), Shropshire, by Margaret, daughter of Randall Mainwaring, of Caringham. He was born about 1482 (aged 40 in 1522). They had five sons, Thomas, Geoffrey, Robert, Randall, and Henry, and three daughters, Katherine (wife of_____ Nash), Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Culbery), and Margery. RANDALL GROSVENOR, Esq. died shortly before 3 March 1559/60 (date of inventory). He left a will dated 23 Feb. 1558/9, proved 3 May 1560, requesting burial in the high chancel of Muckleston “nye to the buryall of my father.”

Anne CHARLTON [Parents] [scrapbook] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-2623 was born 6, 7 about 1480 in Shropshire, England, United Kingdom. Anne married 8, 9 (MRIN:1401) Randall GROSVENOR-2393 about 1500 in Bellaport, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom.

VIII. Anne Charlton, born around 1480, married in 1500 Randall Grosvenor of Bellaport, Shropshira, born around 1480, died in 1359/60. The paper by Alice Maud Peel touching the Charltons of Apley, published in part two of the 1950 Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological Society, contains several serious errors. It ignores the above cited Visitation and fails to prove marriages through contemporary record evidence. For example, it claims that Richard Charlton was succeeded by his brother William, called "Stout William," who had a daughter Cicely, married to Randall Grosvenor of Bellaport. However, we know from record evidence (inquisitions post mortem on the estate of this Randall Grosvenor's father which call the son's wife daughter of Richard Charlton and cite the 1500 indenture given by the latter at the marriage settlement of his daughter Anne), adduced by Mr. Jacobus at pages 9 and 10 of his Bulkeley Genealogy, that Randall Grosvenor s wife was indeed the daughter of Richard Charlton of Apley.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth GROSVENOR-2247 was born in 1515. She died about 1591.

John IRBY [Parents] [scrapbook]-2902 was born 1 in 1517 in Odell, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 2, 3 on 10 Apr 1553 in England, United Kingdom. John married (MRIN:1402) Rose OVERTON-2934 in 1539 in Kirnton, Bedford, England, United Kingdom.

Rose OVERTON [Parents] 1, 2-2934 was born in 1526 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. She died on 17 Jun 1579 in London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom. Rose married (MRIN:1402) John IRBY-2902 in 1539 in Kirnton, Bedford, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  F i Olive IRBY-2249 was born in 1547. She died on 10 Mar 1614/1615.
  F ii Phebe IRBY-3962 was born about 1549.
  M iii
Kellam IRBY 1-3963.
  M iv
Edward IRBY 1-3964.

Anthony IRBY [Parents] [scrapbook]-2912 was born 1 about 1490 in Gosberton, Lincoln, England, United Kingdom. He died 2, 3 on 21 Jun 1552. Anthony married (MRIN:1403) Alice BOUNTAYNE-2255.

Anthony had a will 4 on 20 Apr 1548 in Gosberton, Lincoln, England, United Kingdom.


Proved at Lincoln 12/2/1561.
Son of the above Henry Irby.
Mentioned in Will: To be buried at Stiekforth. Wife, Agnes, who is sole executrix.

Proved at Lincoln 21/8/1546.
50. Line. Wills, 1545/6.

Mentioned in Will: Father, Ambrose Irby. Wife, Elizabeth Hoult. Son, Anthony (aged 4). Sister, Beatrice. Cousins, Ambrose Irby, Monk, son of William of Sutterton, and Thomas Irby of Whaplode. Property in Moulton, Sutterton, Algarkirk and Foss Dyke, Quadring, Wigtoft, etc. Executor his father-in-law, Edward Hoult. Supervisor of Will, Thomas Callow. One of the witnesses is Anthony Eger.

Proved 14/8/1548. ii. Populwell.

Mentioned in Will: Wife, Alice. Sons, John, Leonard and Thomas. Daughters. Rose (Bolles), Dorothy, Katherine, Jane (Bennett). Margaret (Death). Grandsons, Godfrey Bolles, Edmund son of Leonard Irby. Granddaughters, Margaret Bolles, Mary Irby and Irby, daughters of John Irby. Sons-in-law, John Bolles, William Bennett, Henry Death. Daughters-in-Law. Isabel wife of Thomas, and Anne wife of Leonard. Cousin, Nicholas Leighe. Property in Holbeach, Moulton, Weston, Spalding, Pinchbeck, Swinehead. Executors, Wife and sons John and Thomas. Supervisors of Will, Leonard
Irby and John Bolles.

Proved 28/11/1571. Homey. 42.

Mentioned in Will: Mother, Alice. Wife, Anne. Brother, John and other brothers and sisters unnamed. Nephew, Pelham son of John and other nephews and nieces. Executrix, Anne his wife. Supervisor of Will, Robert Cane of whom he says "and I make Robert Cane my faithful friend my supervisor of this my last will and testament requvringe and desyringe upon especiall love

WILL: Perogative Court of Canterbury

Alice BOUNTAYNE [Parents]-2255 died 1 in 1563. Alice married (MRIN:1403) Anthony IRBY-2912.

Of Evedon, Lincoln

DEATH: Perogative Court of Canterbury

They had the following children.

  M i John IRBY-2902 was born in 1517. He died on 10 Apr 1553.
  M ii Leonard IRBY-3951 was born after 1517. He died on 3 Feb 1571/1572.
  M iii Edmund IRBY-3952 was born after 1517. He died in 1563.
  M iv Thomas IRBY-3953 was born after 1517. He died about 1561.
  M v Kenelm IRBY-3954 was born after 1517. He was buried on 27 Dec 1585.
  M vi
Giles IRBY 1-3955 was born 2 after 1517.
  M vii
Edward IRBY 1-3956 was born 2 after 1517.
  F viii Margaret IRBY-3957 was born after 1517.
  F ix Catherine IRBY-3958 was born after 1517.
  F x Jane IRBY-3959 was born after 1517.
  F xi Rose IRBY-3960 was born after 1517.
  F xii Dorothy IRBY-3961 was born after 1517.

John BOUNTAYNE 1, 2-3950.

He had the following children.

  F i Alice BOUNTAYNE-2255 died in 1563.

Capt. Henry LOTT [Parents]-2657 was born 1 in 1707 in of Newton, L.I., New York, United States. He died 2 on 21 Dec 1784 in Moreland, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States. Henry married (MRIN:1405) Catherine Kroeson JONES-2269.

Other marriages:
, Mercy

It is believed that Henry Lott, married a second time, a Catharine (Kroesen) Jones, widow, through the courtesy of Mr. Orville Corson, Middletown, Ohio, we give the following letter to him, from Mr. Frank K. Swain, Fonthill, Doylestown, Pa. : -
you ask would it have been possible that Henry Lott's first wife was a Kroesen? I cannot answer this - Mercy is not a Krewson name. Ac­cording to your book Mercy died Nov. 25, 1747, and I found Benjamin Jones died Dec. ?, 1748.

“This left Henry Lott, widower and Catharine Kroeson Jones, widow, free to marry, which they did, because in a petition of the Jones heirs, in Feb. 26, 1785, speaking of their father's estate, say: 'And whereas the said Catherine Jones, widow of the Testator having again intermarried with a certain Henry Lott, afterwards died without making any last will and testament. ' etc.

“They were asking to have the farm disposed of and the money divided among the Jones children. This could not have been done before the death of Catharine Krewson Jones Lott. Several of her Jones children were already dead and I feel sure the petition was made directly after her death say about Jan. 1785, so as to settle this long drawn out estate (77 years) which she had the use of as long as she lived.

“If she married again she had the right to choose one of Benjamin Jones' farms as her own. As no mention is made of the 250 acres she received from her father Derrick, she must have chosen that tract and disposed of it soon after her marriage with Henry Lott, as her niece Elizabeth Kroeson and husband John Vanartsdalen owned it as early as 1756. Henry Lott was a witness to several Kroeson wills and deeds. If Catharine Jones Lott died say 1785, and Henry Lott died Dec. 21, 1784, the whole thing knits together. Why he did not mention her in his will I cannot see. She was rich herself and that may be the reason, or she could have died first of course.”

(Signed) Frank K. Swain

Capt. Henry Lott, was a Captain of “Associated Companies, Bucks County, 1756,” also served as Captain of the Fourth Associated Company, Northampton twp., Bucks county, Pa., in the Revolutionary War. His will reads as follows:- 1784. Dec. 1. (Just 20 days before his death, he made his will, proved Jan. 10, 1785, and recorded in the Will Book I:16, Norristown, Montgomery county, Pa.) His residence is given as Moorland (meaning Moreland). Five shillings were conveyed to each of the children of his son Peter and his daughter Mary. The remainder was divided equally among his other chfl­dren: Stephen, Henry, Zepheniah, Leonard, and Letitia Carter. Daughter Letitia's share was to be held in trust, she to receive the interest and after her death her share was to be given to her daughter Prudy, wife of Daniel Courson. The Executors were: Zephaniah Lott, Stephen Lott, and Daniel Corsen.

Wit: John Hogeland John Hogeland Jr
Derrick Hogeland

Res:- Bedminster, Northampton and Moreland, Bucks county, Pa.

Catherine Kroeson JONES 1-2269. Catherine married (MRIN:1405) Capt. Henry LOTT-2657.

Robert GODBOLD [Parents]-2791 was born about 1510 in of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. He was buried on 29 Jan 1569/1570 in Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Robert married (MRIN:1406) Mrs Robert GODBOLD-2792.

Mrs Robert GODBOLD-2792 was born about 1514 in of Fressingfield, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Robert married (MRIN:1406) Robert GODBOLD-2791.

Given name may be Faith

They had the following children.

  F i Anne GODBOLD-2278 was born about 1539. She was buried on 5 Dec 1595.

Samuel GIBSON-2296 was born 1 on 28 Oct 1644 in of Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Samuel married 2, 3 (MRIN:1407) Elizabeth STEDMAN-5248 on 14 Jun 1679 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:

Son of John Gibson:

ORIGIN: Unknown.

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Cambridge church prior to 17 May 1637 implied by freemanship. In the list of Cambridge church members compiled in January 1658/9 are "John Gibson & Rebecca his wife both members in full communion. Their children: Rebeccah, now joined in full communion with the church at Watertowne, Mary, Martha, John, Samuel," the last four listed as "baptized in this church" [CaChR 14].
FREEMAN: 17 May 1637 [MBCR 1:373].
OFFICES: Cambridge fenceviewer, 9 March 1662/3, 26 March 1666 [CaTR 143, 161]. Field driver, 15 March 1676/7, 11 March 1677/8 [CaTR 233, 239].
EDUCATION: Signed his deeds.
ESTATE: On 4 August 1634, "John Gibson" was granted six acres in the West End in Cambridge [CaTR 9]. Received a proportional share of one in the undivided meadow, 20 August 1635 [CaTR 13]. In the 8 February 1635/6 list of "those men who have houses in the town at this present, " "John Gibson" is credited with one house in the West End [CaTR 19].

In the Cambridge land inventory on 10 October 1635, "John Gibson" held one parcel: "in West End one house with planting ground about six acres" [CaBOP 35]. In the 1639 land inventory, "John Gibson" held one parcel: "in the new lots next Manotomie three acres of planting ground," and had bought of Edward Elmer "in the West End three acres of land" [CaBOP 55, 62]. In the 6 September 1642 land inventory, "John Gibson" held two parcels: "in West End one dwelling house with nine acres land"; and "in the Fresh Pond Meadow five acres" [CaBOP 95].

By 1642, John Gibson had sold to Nathaniel Sparrowhawk five acres in the Fresh Pond Meadow [CaBOP 124].

In 1648, "Jno. Gibson" was granted sixty acres "on the rocks on the north side the river," and, by 9 October 1648, had sold this land to Thomas Danforth [CaBOP 135, 138]. In the Shawsheen grant of 4 June 1652, "John Gibson" received Lot #52, eighty acres [CaTR 98].

On 30 November 1668, "John Gibson Senior of Cambridge" deeded to "John Gibson Junior his son the westerly end of or part of his now dwelling house with the chimney thereto appertaining ..., also three acres of land being part of the lot adjoining thereto," provided the father and son work in equal partnership all the land of the father, "and at the decease of the said John Gibson Senior all the said lands with all the houses & buildings thereon to be & remain to the said John Gibson Junior," with further provisions for maintenance if the grantor's wife outlives him [MLR 3:330].

On 26 May 1679, "John Gibson Senior of Cambridge ..., yeoman," sold to "Edm[ond] Angier of the same place, woollendraper, ... one parcel of land" in Cambridge "on the south side of Charles River, & containeth by estimation three acres"; acknowledged by "Joanna my wife" [MLR 7:352]. On 15 April 1687, "John Gibson of Cambridge" sold to "Deacon Walter Hastin of the aforesaid town ..., tanner, ... a small parcel of land containing one acre & a half ... in Cambridge West Field in the Great Swamp" [MLR 10:68].

BIRTH: about 1601 (deposed in 1688 "aged about 87" [Hutchinson 1:312]).
DEATH: In or after 1688 [Hutchinson 1:312]. (Secondary sources say he died in 1694, but the evidence for this has not been found.)
MARRIAGE: (1) By about 1634 Rebecca _____. She died at Roxbury on 1 December 1661 [RChR 177].
(2) Cambridge 24 July 1662 Joanna (_____) Prentice, widow of Henry Prentice [Wyman 773].
With first wife
i  REBECCA GIBSON, b. say 1634; m. Cambridge 22 June 1654 Charles Stearns.
ii  MARY GIBSON, b. Cambridge [blank] March 1637 [NEHGR 4:56]; m. Roxbury 3 April 1655 John Ruggles.
iii  MARTHA GIBSON, b. Cambridge [blank] April 1639 [NEHGR 4:56]; m. Roxbury 3 November 1657 Jacob Newell.
iv  JOHN GIBSON, b. about 1641 (d. Cambridge 15 October 1679 aged 48 years) [sic]; m. Cambridge 9 December 1668 Rebecca Errington.
v  SAMUEL GIBSON, b. 28 October 1644; m. (1) Cambridge 30 October 1668 Sarah Pemberton; m. (2) Cambridge 14 June 1679 Elizabeth Stedman.

COMMENTS: On 8 May 1637, it was "agreed with John Gibson to keep 100 cows at our direction all this summer" [CaTR 28]. On 11 December 1648, it was "granted by the townsmen to John Gibson the use and profit of the weir and weir land for two years ensuing, upon condition, that he serve the town with fish, at ninepence per thousand, and if he afford help for loading them to be allowed ten pence per 1000" [CaTR 78].

The year of birth of son John would be about 1631 based on the age at death on his tombstone as published, but this must be incorrect. The list of church members of January 1658/9, when describing a family, enters the children in birth order, and for this family John is placed between Martha and Samuel, strongly suggesting that the age at death has been misread, and should be 38 rather than 48. This is consistent with his date of marriage.

In 1659 various members of the family of John Gibson accused Winifred and Mary Holman, wife and daughter of WILLIAM HOLMAN , of witchcraft, but there is no record of a trial resulting from these charges. Early in 1660, Winifred and Mary charged John Gibson Senior and his wife, Rebecca (Gibson) Stearns, and John Gibson Junior with defamation. Winifred was unsuccessful in her suits against the first three, but Mary Holman won her suit against John Gibson Junior. This defamation suit generated many documents, some of them long and detailed, which are very revealing about the characters involved and about daily life in Cambridge at the time [Parker-Ruggles 237-54; Witchhunting 134-46].

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1900 Mehitable Calef Coppenhagen Wilson compiled a genealogy of John Gibson and his descendants [Gibson Gen 1-11, 19-23].

Elizabeth STEDMAN 1-5248 died in 1680 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Elizabeth married 2, 3 (MRIN:1407) Samuel GIBSON-2296 on 14 Jun 1679 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

John BURGE-2303 was born 1 about 1615. He died 2 in 1678 in of Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married 3 (MRIN:1408) Rachel-5768 on 24 Nov 1678 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
GURNEY, Grizzell

Rachel 1-5768. Rachel married 2 (MRIN:1408) John BURGE-2303 on 24 Nov 1678 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

John BURGE-2303 was born 1 about 1615. He died 2 in 1678 in of Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married 3 (MRIN:1409) Grizzell GURNEY-5769 on 3 Jul 1667 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
, Rachel

Grizzell GURNEY-5769 was born 1, 2 about 1619 in of Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. She died 3 in 1669 in of Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Grizzell married 4 (MRIN:1409) John BURGE-2303 on 3 Jul 1667 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

John BURGE-2303 was born 1 about 1615. He died 2 in 1678 in of Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. John married (MRIN:1410) Jane GORNELL-5770 on 6 Sep 1677 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
, Rachel
GURNEY, Grizzell

Jane GORNELL-5770 was born about 1648. She died 1 in 1678 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Jane married (MRIN:1410) John BURGE-2303 on 6 Sep 1677 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

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