Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Isaac HEATH [Parents] was christened 1 on 13 Feb 1586/1587 in Ware End, Great Amwell, Hertford, England, United Kingdom. He died 2, 3 on 21 Jan 1660/1661 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Isaac married 4, 5 Elizabeth MILLER on 14 Jan 1628/1629 in Ware End, Great Amwell, Hertford, England, United Kingdom.

ORIGIN: Ware, Hertfordshire.
MIGRATION: 1635 on the Hopewell (on 11 September 1635, "Isack Heath," arms maker, aged 50, "Elizabeth Heath," aged 40, "Elizabeth Heath," aged 5, and "Martha Heath," aged 30, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the Hopewell [Hotten 130]).

OCCUPATION: Armsmaker (Hotten transcribed the passenger list entry as "Harnis Maker" [Hotten 130], but examination of the original shows that it reads "Harmsmak[e]r," a phonetic version of "armsmaker," or armorer).
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Isaak Heath" was admitted to Roxbury church as member #131, among those admitted in 1635 [RChR 80]. He was soon chosen Ruling Elder of the congregation [WP 4:353-54].
FREEMAN: 25 May 1636 (fourth in a sequence of seven Roxbury men) [MBCR 1:371].
OFFICES: Deputy for Roxbury to Massachusetts Bay General Court, 8 September 1636, 7 December 1636, 18 April 1637, 17 May 1637, 26 September 1637, 2 May 1638, 6 September 1638 [MBCR 1:178, 185, 192, 194, 204, 227, 235]. Committee on the price of corn, 1 August 1637 [MBCR 1:200]. Committee on wages and prices, 12 March 1637/8 [MBCR 1:223]. Committee to "Lay out the bounds of the Indian plantation called Naticke," 20 October 1659 [MBCR 4:1:408-9].His inventory included "one musket and two swords" valued at 16s. [SPR 4:12].
EDUCATION: His inventory included "books" valued at 1lb. 12s. [SPR 4:13].
ESTATE: On 7 October 1646, "Elder Heath" was one of several men who petitioned the General Court to have laid out "their land, formerly granted, between the lines of Dedham, Watertowne, & Sudberry" [MBCR 2:163]. On 14 October 1651, in "answer to the petition of Dorothie Lamb, Elder Isaake Heath, & Joh[n] Johnson, who have sold a certain parcel of land, containing three-quarters of an acre, part meadow, part upland, unto William Parkes, William Cheyney, Thomas Baker, & Mary Wooddy, this Court doth ratify & confirm the said sale, according to their desires expressed in their petition" [MBCR 3:255, 4:1:66].

In the Roxbury land inventory in the early 1650s, "Isaack Heath" held twelve parcels: "his dwelling house, barn, orchard and houselot, three acres more or less"; "fourteen acres of salt marsh"; "six acres of upland in the calves pasture"; "six acres of salt marsh in Gravelly Point"; "four acres of upland at Stoney River"; "four and twenty acres not far from Gamblin's end"; "sixteen acres at the Great Pond"; "six acres more or less lately bought of Mr. William Perkins lying in the calves pasture"; "in the second allotment of the last division being the eleventh lot, ... ninety-four acres, three-quarters and thirty pole"; "in the four-thousand acres, two-hundred fifty and six acres"; "three roods of swampland lately the land of John Stow"; and "four acres more or less lately the land of Richard Pepper, lying in the upper calves pasture" [RBOP 14].

In his will, dated 19 January 1660/1 and proved 31 January 1660/1, Isaac Heath bequeathed to "my wife this my dwelling house and orchards, barns, homelot with all the land in the lower calves pasture both upland, meadow and salt marsh by estimation 27 acres more or less the same to have and hold, possess and enjoy after my decease during the term of her natural life, if my wife think this too cumbersome for her she shall be [at] liberty to choose to have the new end of my house and all rooms appertaining to it and fourteen pounds a year paid duly unto her by my son Bowles of the best that ariseth of the lands as they are in the transcript of Roxbury except about 6 acres in the great lot which I have given my son Bowles, as long as he liveth and my part in the 4000 acres which I give to the school in Roxbury"; to "my three grandchildren John Bowles, Elizabeth Bowles and Mary Bowles, to them and their heirs immediately after mine and their grandmother's decease, also I give unto my son Bowles full power to let, set and improve all these lands as they shall come into her hands for the best education of the children, further my mind is that John Bowles shall be maintained at school and brought up to learning"; to "my cousin Martha Brand," 2lb.; to "my kinsman Edward Morice," 2lb.; to "my son Bowles," clothing; to "Isaacke Heath the rest of my wearing apparel"; rest of moveables and debts to "be divided into 4 equal parts betwixt my wife and my three grandchildren"; to "Mary Morice my kinswoman," twenty shillings; "my well beloved brethren John Elliott and William Parke" to be overseers and to receive twenty shillings apiece; "my son Bowles sole executor"; "Elizabeth Bowles" and "Mary Bowles" to receive their shares at age eighteen or at marriage, and "John Bowles" to receive his double share at age twenty-one; "if Benjamin Morice" serves out his time, he is to receive 5lb. [SPR 1:362-64].

The inventory of the estate of "Elder Isaac Heath, late of Roxbury, deceased," taken 25 January 1660/1, totalled 671lb. 6d. 4s., of which 400lb. was real estate: "a dwelling house with barn, stables and other outhouses, with two orchards and the homelot," 100lb.; "twenty-seven acres of meadow and upland in the lower calves pasture," 100lb.; "six acres of arable land enclosed out of the upper calves pasture & about three acres in the upper calves pasture & about three acres of meadow adjoining unto Isack Morrells his woodlot with a woodlot about twelve acres," 100lb.; and "about six acres of marsh meadow near Gravelly Point with a pasture near Stony River four acres and about eight acres of woodlot," 100lb. [SPR 4:12-14].

In her will, dated 1 January 1664/5 and proved 19 January 1664/5, "Elizabeth Heath of Roxbury, widow," bequeathed to "my sister Burnett & Martha Brand my two cows here at home after my death"; to "Isaack Burnet lately gone to sea my young sow, if he either come back or send before the next summer, else my will is that his mother my sister shall have her"; to "Jacob Newell's wife twenty shillings"; to "Isaac Jones his daughter, that he had by Hannah Heath, fifteen shillings"; to "Mary Heath 20s. & to Nicholas Davis as much"; to "Thomas Morey ten shillings ... and as much to his mother"; to "my cousin Garry the old man twenty shillings & to Goodman Fruysell that married Goodman Busketh daughter as much"; "my cousin Capt. Johnson shall have the first year's increase of my two cows at Isaack Williams"; to "my grandchildren my three cows two being at Isaack Williams & that I let to Goodman Bush"; "my sister Waterman shall have the use of my mare during her life and I give her unto John Bowles my grandchild, my wearing apparel I give between my sister Burnett & Waterman"; "my son-in-law Bowles" to be executor [SPR 1:438-39].

The inventory of the estate of "widow Heath at Roxbury," taken 31 January 1664/5, totalled 53lb. 13s. 9d. (against which were debts and expenses of 46lb. 18s. 3d.), with no real estate listed [SPR 4:222-23].

BIRTH: Baptized Ware, Hertfordshire, 13 February 1586/7, son of William Heath [NEHGR 146:266-67].
DEATH: Roxbury 21 January 1660/1.
MARRIAGE: Ware, Hertfordshire, 14 January 1628/9 Elizabeth Miller [NEHGR 146:263, 267], daughter of Thomas Miller of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire [NYGBR 70:242-43, 345-46]. She was buried at Roxbury on 14 January 1664/5 [RChR 178].
i  ELIZABETH HEATH, bp. Ware, Hertfordshire, 7 February 1629/30 [NEHGR 146:263, 267]; m. Roxbury 2 April 1649 JOHN BOWLES .
ii  ISAAC HEATH, bp. Ware, Hertfordshire, 13 May 1632 [NEHGR 146:263, 267]; bur. there 21 June 1632 [NEHGR 146:263, 267].

ASSOCIATIONS: Isaac Heath was brother of WILLIAM HEATH  [GMB 2:901-4]. JOHN JOHNSON  [GMB 2:1105-10] married in England to Mary Heath, sister of William and Isaac; Edward Morris and his sister Elizabeth (Morris) Cartwright were nephew and niece to William and Isaac through their mother Prudence Heath; Martha (Heath) Brand, wife of George Brand of Roxbury, was first cousin of Isaac Heath [NEHGR 146:261-78].

Elizabeth (Miller) Heath, wife of Isaac Heath, was sister of JOSEPH MILLER , of Anne (Miller) Burnap, wife of ROBERT BURNAP , and of Margaret (Miller) Waterman, wife of THOMAS WATERMAN  [NYGBR 70:345-46].

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1945 Walter Goodwin Davis compiled a complete account of what was known at the time of this immigrant [Annis Spear Anc 29-31]. In 1978 Peter Walne published a brief note, which included a suggested baptismal record for the immigrant [NEHGR 132:20-21]. In 1992 Douglas Richardson prepared an article on several early immigrants to Roxbury, including Isaac Heath, in which he confirmed and extended the work of Davis and Walne [NEHGR 146:261-78].

Elizabeth MILLER was christened 1 on 3 Mar 1593/1594 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 2 on 14 Jan 1664/1665 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Elizabeth married 3, 4 Isaac HEATH on 14 Jan 1628/1629 in Ware End, Great Amwell, Hertford, England, United Kingdom.

Robert CHENEY [Parents] was born 1 about 1490 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. He died after 26 Oct 1542 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

Robert had a will 2 on 26 Oct 1542 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

2. ROBERT(C) CHENEY (RobertD) was born say 1490 and resided in the parish of Waltham Abbey, Essex. The name of his wife is not known. In 1535, at Waltham Abbey, he enfeoffed Humphrey Browne, serjeant-at-law, John Haslywood, gentleman, Robert Cressy, gentleman, and several other men with three crofts called Burnysfields in Upshire in Waltham Abbey, which property he held jointly with Robert Sharnebrooke, William Pratte, Richard Foorthe, Walter Bryght, and Thomas Stacy, all deceased, of the feoffment of Robert Sharnebroke and Hugh Foorthe. The purpose of these enfeoffments is not stated. (12)
"Robert Cheynaye of ye parishe of Waltham in countey of Essex hooil [whole] of mynd & memorye" made his will 26 October 1542, asking to be buried in the churchyard of Saint Lawrence of Waltham. I-us bequests included to John Down a bollocke of one yere olde and an other to Wyllyam Donne Isicl his bro~er... to Robert Cheyney my sonne a blak cowe... to Wyllyam Donne a brandyd kow.. . to Robert my sonne my bed yt I lye on & all ye hangyngs in ye same chamber & all ye hangyngs in ye hail with a tabull.. . to Wyllyam Donne a featherbed & a mattres . . . ye ressydew of all my goods in ye bows I gyve to Robert my sonne & Wyllyam Donne . . . eqwaliy betwen them. Item I Wy11 yt Wyllyam Donn shall have my howse yt I dwell in... for ye space of v yeres... and after ye seyd v yeres be ended then I wyll yt ye same howsse shall remaine to Robert my sonne & to ye heyres of his bodye lawfully begotten and yf ye said Robert my sonne decesse withowte heyres of his bodye lawfully then I wyll ye said howsse shall remaine to Wyllyam Donne & to the heires of his bodye lawful-lye begottyn . . . I wyll that Annes my dawghter shall have a marke [13s 4d] of Robert my sonne & vi s viii d of Wyilyam Donne within ye space of ij yeres after my decesse . . . to ye said Annes ij pewter dyshes ij plates & ij sawsors, these [beingl wytnes Wyllyam Pygram Wyilyam lye John Foster(13)

3. i. ROBERT CHENEY, b. say 1520; m. JOAN HARRISON.
ii. AGNES / ANNES CHENEY, living 1542 when she was named in her father's will. She is presumably the daughter who m. ____ DONNE, with whom she had two sons, William Donne and John Don ne, named in her father's will. She was living as late as 1567, when her brother Robert Cheney bequeathed to his "sister Donne" a close of land for the term of her natural life.

12. Ibid., T 12/60.
13. Original will, Commissary Court of London (Essex & Herts Division) (FHL microfilm 94,349), 70 BW 8

He had the following children.

  M i Robert CHENEY was born about 1520.
  F ii
Annes CHENEY 1.

John HARRISON was born 1 about 1500. He died 2 before 28 Apr 1551. John married Agnes about 1520.

John's will was probated 3 on 28 Apr 1551 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

In his will dated 4 January 1549/50 and proved 28 April 1551, "John Haryson yeoman dwelling in the parishe of Waltham holy Crosse in the Cownetie of Essex beinge holle of mynde and memory," asked to be buried in the churchyard of St. Lawrence, Waltham, and bequeathed:

. . to Agnes my welbeloved wife my howse & lands that I do dwell in for terme of her lyle & she to paye the quytte Rent to [Clarcenbery?] xd by yere to Wilham Harryson my Sone all my howse & land in Upshere & Waltham bothe free & Copye, [on condition that William pay £23 6s 9d to his three sisters, Johanne Cheyney, Elyzabeth Smythson, and Margarett Harryson, paying the first year £3 6s 9d to Johanne, the second year the same sum to Elyzabeth, and the third year the same sum to Margaret].... To Elyzabeth Smythson a feather bed and bed-
ding, [to be delivered] when my wiffe departyth the worlde, and a bullock. To Johanne Cheyney a bullock, and to Margarett Harryson two keyne [cattle]; to John Harrison of London, my best gowne. To son William certene Implements in the howse that is to saye my bedde where I do lye & my bedde in the parler with all that behongyth therto . . . a fornys & my grett brasse potte And my brasse panne to be delyvered when my wiffe departyth out of thes howse. Wife Agnes, appointed executrix, to have the residue. William Greene the elder to be overseer. Witnesses Andrewe Cawdree, Henry Stonds, John Tytynge the elder, with others (32)

32. Archdeaconry Court of Essex, Registered Wills, Register 7, folio 76 (FHL microfilm 91,214); no probate act copy has survived.

Agnes 1. Agnes married John HARRISON about 1520.

They had the following children.

  M i William HARRISON was born about 1522. He died in 1595.
  F ii Joan HARRISON was buried on 14 May 1597.
  F iii Elizabeth HARRISON died after 1571.
  F iv Margaret HARRISON.

John HANFORD 1. John married Joan HARRISON in 1568.

Joan HARRISON [Parents] was buried 1 on 14 May 1597 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. Joan married John HANFORD in 1568.

Other marriages:
CHENEY, Robert

John CHENEY [Parents] was born 1 about 1550 in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 in Feb 1594/1595 in Cheshunt, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom. John married 3 Joan BONDE on 14 Jul 1575 in Cheshunt, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Joan BONDE. Joan married 1 John CHENEY on 14 Jul 1575 in Cheshunt, Hertsfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Ralph CHENEY [Parents] was born 1 about 1551 in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 in BET JUL 1599 AND OCT 1599. Ralph married 3 Anne SLANEY on 26 Apr 1576 in Chigwell, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

Anne SLANEY was born in 1552 in of Chigwell, Essex, England, United Kingdom. Anne married 1 Ralph CHENEY on 26 Apr 1576 in Chigwell, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

William CHENEY [Parents] was born 1 about 1556 in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 2 on 1 Apr 1610 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. William married 3 Margaret FLOYD (NEWMAN) on 5 Feb 1580/1581 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

Margaret FLOYD (NEWMAN) was buried 1 on 21 Oct 1609 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. Margaret married 2 William CHENEY on 5 Feb 1580/1581 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

Robert CHENEY was born 1 about 1460 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

He had the following children.

  M i Robert CHENEY was born about 1490. He died after 26 Oct 1542.

William HARRISON [Parents] was born about 1522. He died 1 in 1595. William married 2 Isabel CORDELL on 15 Jun 1586.

William had a will 3 on 28 Aug 1594 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

In his will dated 28 Aug. 1594, proved 19 Feb. 159415, "William Harrisonne of the parishe of Waltham holly Crosse in the Countye of Essex yeomane beinge sycke of bodye" bequeathed to his cousins Elizabeth Greene, Joan Cordell, Oliver Smythson, and Thomas Smythson, £4 each, to be paid within two years, and to cousins Christopher Goldinge, Elizabeth Dane, Agnes Bradly, and Alice Goldinge, £4 each to be paid within three years; and to cousins Raphe Cheyney, William Cheyney, Robert Cheyney, and Agnes Cheyney, £4 to be paid within four years. To Petter Sompner he left £4 "whereof he oweth me for haye." To William Harbert he left 40s, to Mary Archer, 40s, to servants William Sompner, William Pecocke, and William Hayward, 20s each; to servants Jane Huns don and Elizabeth Howe 20s each, and to John Pecocke lOs; to Thomas Smythson "one quarter of wheate," and to the poor of the parish of Waltham "twenty dozen of breade to be distributed amonge them at my buriall." His wife was to have the use of certain things mentioned "now stand inge in the halle of my dwellinge house duringe her lyfe tyme that is to saye the longe table and forme with the settle and forme the Cubbered and all the hanginges in the halle the Ionges syze forke and a payre of I lowe Brand yrons And after her decease my will is that the same shalhe left standinge in the same manner as they nowe are in the sayd halle or house." The residue "I wholy gyve and bequeathe to my lovinge wyef Isobell Harrison," who was to be executrix; overseers were to be his -"loving frindes John Coller and John Hanford gentleman," to have lOs each "for theyr paynes herein to be taken." Witnesses were John Hanford this mark] and Gilles Grene. The inventory (not preserved) amounted to - £114

Commissary Court of London, Registered Wills, Register 18, folio 225 (FHL microfilm 94,101); Probate Act Book, Register 15, folio 41v (FHL microfilm 94,491).

Isabel CORDELL 1. Isabel married 2 William HARRISON on 15 Jun 1586.

Thomas SMITHSON was buried 1 on 15 Mar 1570/1571 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. Thomas married 2 Elizabeth HARRISON in BY 1550.

Elizabeth HARRISON [Parents] died 1 after 1571. Elizabeth married 2 Thomas SMITHSON in BY 1550.

Other marriages:

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