Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Major Josiah WINSLOW [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3 on 11 Feb 1606 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom. He was christened 4 on 16 Feb 1606 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom. He died 5 on 1 Dec 1674 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. He was buried on 1 Dec 1674. Josiah married 6 Margaret BOURNE in 1636 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.

(Continued from VoL 33, p. 161)


[Vol. 3, pt. I, p. 131] The will "of Mr Josiah Winslow of Marshfeild late deceased exhibited to
the Court held att Plymouth the fourth of March 1674",

Josiah Winslow of the Towne of Marshfeild senir" made his will "this 12th of the second month 1673 it, that is, on 12 April, 1673, old style. Bequests were as follows:

"1 Doe make Margarett my Deare and loveing wife, my sole Executrix of my Goods, and Chattles for her Comfortable use and livelyhood Dureing her Naturall life; as alsoe the one halfe of my Dwelling house that is to say the westerly end, as it is now Devided with the seller and one halfe of the orchyard and out housing; and alsoe the one halfe of the land therunto belonging, both meadow and upland with all other privilidges and appurtenances, in the Towne of Marshfeild aforsaid; and the one halfe of all the Lands belonging to mee, by any Graunt Graunted to mee formerly; or to be Graunted, that I have not sold; and Disposed off: Alsoe for the other prte of my lands house and housing I Doe Give unto my Naturall son Jonathan Winslow .... with that halfe Given to my wife after her Decease: I Give to my son Jonathan as my heire .... but incase the said Jonathan shall Die without heires .... Lawtblly begotten; Then .... his wife During her widdows estate shall Injoy the one halfe of my said Lands and housing; with the appurtenances .... During my wifes life, the whole During her widdowes estate, And incase the said Jonathan Die without heires of his body as aforsaid .... the whole and every Pete of the said Lands and housing shalbe Disposed of, unto my four Daughters and theire heires .... and incase any of my Daughters Die without issue; shee may freely in her life time Dispose of her pate To any the survivers or any of theire Children; but incase shee Doe not, her fourth prte to fall to the survivers of my said Daughters, and theire heires for ever; and incase God shall Give my son as aforsaid any Issue and the same Die without Issue, that then alsoe the said Lands and houses shelve to my said Daughters as aforesaid; alsoe II Doe bequeath unto hannah Miller my Grandchild now living with mee, if shee Continew with her Grandmother During her life, or Day of the said Hannah her Marriage; one feather bed with a Rugg blankett bolster and one paire of sheets; and for my Indian Prentice I leave him and his time to my wife; and shee to prforme the Conditions of his Indentures, and incase shee Die before the expiration, To my son bee prforming the same Conditions aforsd alsoe that my wife shall not allianate any of the estate further then for her Comfortable livelihood, and advantage therunto, and what is then remaitiinge to my Children accordingly as shee shall see cause and they Deserve, in shire Carryage and Care of her in her widdowes estate; and To my Grand Children; I Desire may have ten shillings apeece, alsoe I Doe Give to my faith full and truly loveing find nor Samuel! Arnold our Reverent Teacher my Blacke Cloake if hee please to weare it, and accept of it; and to my son Jonathan my best suite; and what bedding bee now makes use of and the bible that is myne; and it is my Desire that my wife Remaine in my house and with the Church; but if shee see Cause to Remove to any of my Daughters, whoe I Doubt not but wilbe willing to Receive her, and be kind and Carefhll of her, Alsoe I Doe heerby Request and appoint my Loveing Nephew [p.132] Major Josiah Winslow and Captaine William Bradford to be overseers of this my last Will and Testament, Desireing and not Doubting but that they wilbe healpful in advice to my poor wife in ordering and Disposing of her, and what shee hath, as may be most for her Comfortable being; Desireing that those Children or Child that is most tender and Care frill of her may have answerable, out of that little is left; alsoe it is my will that the bedsteed in the Parlour with the settle, Great table and
forme Remain in the house as standards"

The witnesses were Nathaniel Southworth, and John Barrow (by a mark), and they made oath, at Plymouth, 4 June, 1675, to this will ~of M~ Josiah Winslow senile: late Deceased Testa me Nathaniel: Morton Secretary;"
[Pages 133 and 134 are blank]

[Pages 135, 136 and 1381 "An Inventory of the estate of Mr Josiah Winslow...Deceased apprised by Anthonie Snow, and Nathaniel Winslow" on 17 December, 1674:

"1 Great bible & Psalme booke" was valued at 8s.; "1 booke of ursinus on Christian Religion", 9s.; "a bookes of mr Burrowghes", 6s.; "1 booke of Mr Weemes", as. 6d.; "1
booke Called bloddy tenets", 2s.; "26 old bookes" 6s.

The rest of pages 135 and 136 contains personal property.

[The inventory of Capt. Nathaniel Thomas on page 137, is printed following the Winslow inventory.  Editor.]

Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories       35

[p. 138] "This following appertaines to the Inventory of. . Mr Josias Winslow of Marshfeild". "I mare att Norwich" * £1, "a Debt Due to the estate from Boston" £4, 4s. "The sume totall is £107, 16s."

The real estate was: "one Dwelling house and one hundred acrees of upland without housing theron and a Conciderable prsell or resells of meadow belonging therunto the quantite unknowns to us; all .... in the Towne of Marshfeild; also 1 hundred acrees of upland lying in the Towne of Middleberry or Bridgwater neare Teticutt Rever"

"February the 26 1674 Anthony Snow and Nathaniel Winslow the .... Apprisers .... Declared that wheras they say above that the Testator, as they were Informed Died posessed of such lands as above mensioned they both afeirme, that Information was neither by the widdow nor by Jonathan Winslow; Before Josiah Winslow Govr"

"1 silver scale", not valued, was added "before oath was made"

On 15 March, 1674/5, "Mistris Margarett Winslow" made oath to the inventory of "Josias Winslow her Deceased husband" "before Josias Winslow Govr"

*  This Josiah Winslow was a brother of Gov. Edward winslow, the Mayflower Passenger, of John Winslow, who married Mary Chilton, and of Kenelm Winslow of Yarmouth Editor.

Source: Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories from "Mayflower Descendant Legacy" CD-ROM

Margaret BOURNE 1 was born about 1608. She died 2 on 28 Sep 1683 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Margaret married 3 Major Josiah WINSLOW in 1636 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.

Margaret Bourne, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (_____) Bourne [Waterman Gen 1:615-16, 619].  She died 28 September 1683, aged seventy-five years [PChR 1:250], and was buried at Marshfield on 2 October 1683 [MarVR 14].

Robert WORDEN 1. Robert married Isabel WORTHINGTON.

Isabel WORTHINGTON [Parents] 1. Isabel married Robert WORDEN.

They had the following children.

  M i Peter WORDEN was born in 1569. He died on 9 Mar 1638.

Thomas EWER 1 was christened 2, 3 on 10 Mar 1592/1593 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom. He died 4 in 1638 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Thomas married 5, 6 Bridget HIPSLEY on 13 Dec 1614 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

Other marriages:

Came on the ship "James" w/Sarah and two children, Elizabeth age 4 and Thomas age 1 1/2 on 20 May, 1635.
Source: Library of Congress "Larned or Larnitt Genealogy" page 78-79.

This name on the early Barnstable records is written Eure, on the Colony records it is written Ure, Eue, Ewe, and Ewer. A Henry Eue was one of the first settlers in Sandwich. Dcc. 4, 1638, a warrant was directed to James Skiff, ordering him, to re-carry Henry Eue and his wife and their goods, to the place where he brought them. This warrant does not appear to have been executed, for in 1640 he was an inhabitant of Sandwich and had a share assigned to him in the division of the common meadows. Mr. Freeman's statement that he was the ancestor of the ,Ewer family of Sandwich, requires confirmation; because after 1640 his name disappears on the records. In 1643, there was a John Eue at Hartford; but it does not appear that he was connected with the Ewers of Massachusetts and plymouth.

"Thomas Ewer, aged 40, a tailor, embarked aboard the ship James, Jo. May, at London, June 19, 1635, for New England, with his wife Sarah, aged 28, and two children, Elizabeth, aged 4 years, and Thomas, aged 1 1/2 years. He had at least two older children, not named in the Custom House records, who came over subsequently, perhaps with their grandfather in 1638.

1. Thomas Ewer married Sarah, daughter of Mr. Robert Linnell, probably in London where he resided. It does not appear that he had any children born in this country. his children were
2. I. Sarah, born April 16-27, married, June 18, 1645, Thomas Blossom, of Barnstable.
3. II. Henry, born April 1629, married Mary  , he died in 1652, and it is not known that he left issue. His widow became the second wife of John Jenkins 2d Feb. 1652-3.
4. III. Elizabeth, born 1631, died in Barnstable, and was buried 9th April 1641.
5. IV. Thomas, born 1633, married Hannah,  , and died in Barnstable in 1667, aged 34.
Thomas Ewer settled in Charlestown, where he acquired some notoriety as a politician. In 1637 Lord Ley brought a


charge against him for using language disrespectful to the King, and afterwards he was prosecuted as one of the friends and supporters of Wheelwright; but he recanted his opinions, proving himself not to be so firm a man as his son Thomas. He died in Charleston in 1638, and his widow Sarah married, Dee. 11, 1639, Thomas Lothrop. Her family removed with her to Barnstable.
Source: "Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families"  vol. 1, by C.F. Swift

Bridget HIPSLEY 1 died about 1623 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom. Bridget married 2, 3 Thomas EWER on 13 Dec 1614 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

  M i
William EWER was christened 1, 2 on 8 Dec 1616 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom.
  F ii
Elizabeth EWER was christened 1, 2 on 13 Sep 1618 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 3, 4 on 23 Sep 1618 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom.
  M iii
Robert EWER was christened 1, 2 on 6 Oct 1622 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 3, 4 on 14 Jul 1623 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

Thomas LATHROP was born in 1613. He died in 1707. Thomas married 1, 2, 3, 4 Sarah LEARNED on 11 Dec 1639 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

    John Lathrop father of Thomas


    John Lathrop was born December 20, 1584 in Etton, Yorkshire, England. It is said the ancestral home of the Lathrop family is Lowthrope, England.

    Hannah House/Howse was from Eastwell, Kent, England.

    His English residences included: Etton 1584 > Egerton, Kent abt 1610 > 1623 London >

    See the Yorkshire, England and Kent, England Home Pages for more details about the ancestral homes of John and Hannah.

    Take English ancestries of him and his wife with a grain of salt. I have not dwelled much in that area, but have done enough to surmise there is not unanimous agreement on either his paternal or maternal ancestry.

The Immigrant:

    "John Lothropp has been ranked as one of the four most prominent colonial ministers in America.  His spiritual and political strength not only was emulated by his sons and daughters, but has been evidenced in the lives of thousands of his descendants in the past four centuries They include presidents of the United States, a prime minister of Canada, authors, financiers,  politicians, and last but certainly not least, key leaders among religious groups throughout the centuries and spanning the continent. "  "Biography of John Lothrop (1584-1653)", by Richard Price

    Founder of Barnstable, Mass: John Lathrop and his followers initially settled in Scituate, Mass. But, their religious differences with the inhabitants caused them to look elsewhere to live. Although, some individuals lived in the area of Barnstable, Plymouth Co, Mass, the moving of John Lathrop and his followers to Barnstable is considered the founding of the town. He lived there until he died, in 1653.


    1) Hannah House/Howse, married October 10, 1610 in Eastwell, Kent, England. Eight children. Died in England before John and the children migrated. Eight children.

    2) Ann (___). This woman is not a Hammond, or a Hammond widow, as has been postulated. (See TGMB sketch on John Lathrop). It is possible that they married in England before immigration in 1634. Six children.

    Immigration: Immigrated, as widower, with eight children, on Griffin, arriving Sep 1634. Governor Winthrop's journal entry of Sept. 18, 1634: "The Griffin and another ship now arriving with about 200 passengers. Mr. Lathrop and Mr. Sims, two godly ministers coming in the same ship".

    See the passenger list of the Griffin.

    Persecuted in England:  "The Rev John Lothrop renounced his orders and resigned from his cure at Egerton abt 1623 to succeed Henry jacob as pastor of an independent colngregation was raided. [John] Lothrop and forty-one of his followers were seized and imprisoned, including Peninna and Samuel House, children of the Rev John House (NEHGS 69 [1914] :284).  In 1633, while [John] Lothrop was yet in prison, a dispute arose in his church. those who altogether rejected the established church and denied the ligitimacy of infant baptism were led away by John Spilsbury. John Lothrop's views were obviously less radical than Spilsbury's. Not only did infant baptism continue in his own churches in new England, but, as the above entries show, his sons Joseph and Benjamin were baptized at Eastwell in 1624 and 1626 respectively by their grandfather [Rev John] House, while John Lothrop was pastor of the independents at Southwark. John's eldest son Thomas was baptized at Eastwell on 21 Feb 1612/13, while he was curae at Egerton. (It was not unusual for the eldest child to be baptized in the wife's parish.)" The American Genealogist (TAG) Oct 1995 p251.


    1584 ....Christened at Etton, Yorkshire, England
    1601 ....Matriculation--Queen's College, Cambridge
    1605 ....Received B.A. from Queen's College, Cambridge
    1607 ....Ordained deacon by Bishop of Lincoln
    1609 ....Received M.A. from Queen's College, Cambridge Vicar of Egerton, Kent
    1610 ....Married Hannah Howse
    1612 ....Son, Thomas, born
    1614 ....Daughter, Jane born
    1616 ....Daughter, Anne, born
    1617 ....Son, John, born Daughter, Anne, died
    1619 ....Daughter, Barbara, born
    1623 ....Left Egerton and Church of England.  Son, Samuel, born
    1624 ....Minister of Independent Church--Southwark. Son, Joseph, born
    1626 ....Son, Benjamin, born
    1632 ....Put in prison
    1633 ....Hannah Howse died
    1634 ....Released on bail. Arrives in Boston aboard the Griffin, Settles in Scituate
    1635 ....Chosen to be Minister of the Scituate Church. Married Ann
    1636 ....Son, Barnabas, born
    1638 ....Daughter, (unnamed), born and died
    1639 ....Arrived Barnstable Daughter. Abigail, born
    1642 ....Daughter, Bathshua, born
    1645 ....Son,John, born
    1650 ....Son, (unnamed), born and died on same day
    1653 ....Died and buried in Barnstable, Massachusetts Age -- 68 years, 7 months

    Biographical Material on the Web:

    Biographical sketch of John Lathrop and the family of each of his children, at Jonathan Lathrop's web page.

    Biographical sketch of John Lathrop and some of his children, courtesy of Michael Roman.

    Notable Kin:

    See the Notable Lathrop Kin Page

    Bush, President George - US President
    Dulles, John Foster - Secretary of State (Eisenhower)
    Grant, Ulysses -  Civil War general and President of the United States
    Hawthorne, Nathaniel - American Novelist
    Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Sr.) - Author, poet, physician, lecturer
    Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Jr.) - Supreme Court Justice
    Huntington, Ebenezer - Revolutionary War Officer, Later General in 1790's, Congressman
    Huntington, Isaac - Connecticut Convention that voted for Constitution
    Lathrop, George Parsons - American Novelist
    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth American Novelist
    Roosevelt, Franklin Delano - President of the United States

Sources and Resources

    NOTE: This book (John Lothropp (1584-1653) : a puritan biography & genealogy / Richard Woodruff Price), in its entirety, is on the web. It is located in, a genealogy library associated with Family Tree Maker. This is a pay service (but worth it, especially for New England genealogy, in my opinion - I've no financial interest in FTM or the site.) This is their subscription page. Do a search on Lothropp, select book titles only.

    CALL NUMBER: BR1725.L66 P75 1984
    AUTHOR: Price, Richard W.
    TITLE: John Lothropp (1584-1653) : a puritan biography & genealogy / Richard Woodruff
    PUBLISHED: Salt Lake City, Utah : R.W. Price & Associates, 1984.

    NEHGR Articles:
    NEHGR 54:92-93. Will of Mark Lothrop of North Cove, York & Richard Lothropp of the same place
    who, are said to have been respectively Uncle and Cousin of Rev John Lothrope.

    NEHGR 69:284 [1914] Details his troubles in England.

    TAG Articles

    The American Genealogist (TAG) Oct 1995 p251.

    Bibliography at the Lothrop Family Foundation Page

    Lathrop books at Higgonson Books:

    Under Lathrop:

    LATHROP. Gen. memoir of the Lo-Lathrop fam. The desc. of Rev. John Lathrop of Scituate & Barnstable, Mass., & Mark Lathrop of Salem & Bridgewater, Mass., by E. B. Huntington. 464p.  1884. $58.00

    LATHROP. Ancestors & descendants of Francis Lathrop, 1545-1992, by Lois Roberta Cook White. 82p.  1992. $16.50
    Under Lothrop:

    LOTHROP. Anc. & desc. of Daniel Lothrop, Sr., 1545-1901, by G.D.R. Hubbard. 37p.  1901. $7.50
    Also see:

    Huntington: A Genealogy Memoir of the Lothrop Family
    Stratton: Plymouth Colony
    Otis: Barnstable Families
    Governor Winthrop's Records
    J.Hewes: New England Pioneers
    A.M.Burk: Prominent Families in America
    Records of the Court of the Star Chamber

Notes, Questions, Errata

    Another Daughter: Elizabeth??  John possibly had a daughter Elizabeth whose birth was not recorded. From the court records of 1665 we find that "Whereas John Williams, Junr, appeered before the Court held att Plymouth the seaventh of June last past before the date heerof, to answare for his disorderly liveing with his wife, and his abusive carriages towards her both in words and actions, in speciall his sequestration of himselfe from the marriage bedd, and that notwithstanding the Court then tooke such order about it as was judged meet for present, yett the said Williams not attending that due reformation expected from him, wherby Mr Barnabas Laythorpe hath seen cause, in the behalfe of his sister and those related to her, to revive the former complaint, with some aditionall charges; to which the said Williams, though seeming to desire the tryall of such his guiltines or not guiltines might bee put on a jury of his peers, yett afterwards refused it when graunted to him by the Court; this Court, being earnestly desirous of a renewed closure of his hart and affections to his wife, and that his future conversation with her might bee better then his former, were willing to extend what lenitie might bee, and in reference therunto, with exhortation of him to amend his wayes respecting the promises, hee was released att the present". It seems that when Elizabeth became pregnant or bore a child, her husband John accused her of unfaithfulness. She was "by false reports and reproaches rendered as if shee were a dishonest woman, and that the child shee brought forth into the world was not legitimate". The court found no substance to the accusations and cleared her name. Source: John Lathrop (1584-1653) - Institute of Family Research, Inc., 1979.

    Who is Elizabeth [Scudder?], wife of Joseph3 Lathrop?

    Mary Scudder, wife of Joseph Lathrop - The origins of Mercy Scudder, who married Joseph Lathrop, seem to be in doubt. At least the information I have learned so far has not firmly attached her to a set of parents. See this GenForum Posting No 1 and GenForum Posting No 2 for more....

Subsequent Generations

    Major branches of John Lathrop descendants will have the following surnames: Lathrop, Fuller, Emerson, Clark, Marsh


1   John Lathrop 1584 - 1653
    ..  +Hannah Howse 1590 - 1633
    ........... 2   Thomas Lathrop 1613 - 1707
    ...............  +Sarah Learned 1607 -
    ........... 2   Jane Lathrop 1614 - 1683
    ...............  +Samuel Fuller 1602 - 1683
    ........... 2   Anne Lathrop 1616 - 1617
    ........... 2   John 'The Older' Lathrop 1618 - 1653
    ........... 2   Barbara Lathrop 1619 -
    ...............  +John Emerson 1620 -
    ........... 2   Samuel Lathrop 1623 - 1700
    ...............  +Elizabeth Scudder 1625 - 1682
    ...........  *2nd Wife of Samuel Lathrop:
    ...............  +Abigail Doane 1632 - 1735
    ........... 2   Joseph Lathrop 1624 - 1700
    ...............  +Mary Ansell 1632 -
    ........... 2   Benjamin Lathrop 1626 -
    ...............  +Martha Walcott 1634 -
 *2nd Wife of John Lathrop:
    ..  +Ann 1616 - 1688
    ........... 2   Barnabas Lathrop 1636 - 1715
    ...............  +Susanna Clark 1641 - 1697
    ...........  *2nd Wife of Barnabas Lathrop:
    ...............  +Abigail [Dodson] 1643 - 1715
    ........... 2   Lathrop 1638 - 1638
    ........... 2   Abigail Lathrop 1639 -
    ...............  +James Clark 1639 - 1713
    ........... 2   Bathsheba Lathrop 1642 - 1723
    ...............  +Alexander Marsh 1641 - 1698
    ........... 2   John Lathrop 1645 - 1727
    ...............  +Hannah 1644 - 1738
    ...........  *2nd Wife of John Lathrop:
    ...............  +Mary Cobb 1653 - 1695
    ........... 2   Lathrop 1650 - 1650

Kansas Pioneers Lineage

1   John Lathrop 1584 - 1653
    ....  +Hannah Howse 1590 - 1633
    .... 2   Thomas Lathrop 1613 - 1707
    ..........  +Sarah Learned 1607 -
    ........... 3   Mary Lathrop 1640 - 1735
    ...........  *2nd Husband of Mary Lathrop:
    .................  +William French 1603 - 1681
    .................. 4   Hannah French 1676 - 1766
    ........................  +John Child II 1669 - 1748
    ........................ 5   Mary Child 1700 - 1776
    ..............................  +Nathaniel Whitney III 1696 - 1776
    ............................... 6   Nathaniel Whitney IV 1728 - 1776
    .....................................  +Abigail Joslin 1735 -
    ...................................... 7   Abigail Whitney 1763 - 1847
    ............................................  +Elijah Bruce 1760 - 1835
    ............................................ 8   Abigail Whitney Bruce 1806 - 1884
    ..................................................  +Nehemiah Willis Fisher 1805 - 1859
    ................................................... 9   Eleanor Serepta Fisher 1843 - 1924
    .........................................................  +Henry Gilbert Baldwin 1836 - 1894
    .......................................................... 10 Arthur Willis Baldwin 1876 - 1961
    ................................................................ +Inez Evangeline Hallock 1886 - 1976

Sarah LEARNED [Parents] 1 was christened on 30 Sep 1607 in St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey, England, United Kingdom. She died in 1652 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States. Sarah married 2, 3, 4, 5 Thomas LATHROP on 11 Dec 1639 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
EWER, Thomas

Only had two children with Thomas Ewer. The other children were with Thomas Lathrop. Source: Library of Congress "Larned or Larnitt Genealogy" page 78.

SARAH, b. about 1607 (aged 28 in 1635 [Hotten 88]); m. (1) Bermondsey, Surrey, 13 January 1623/4 Thomas Ewer; m. (2) 11 December 1639 Thomas Lathrop, son of Rev. John Lathrop ("My son Tho[mas] and Brother Larnett's daughter, widow Ewer, in the Bay" [NEHGR 9:286]).

Thomas BLOSSOM 1 was born 2 about 1623. He died 3 on 22 Apr 1650 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Thomas married 4, 5 Sarah EWER on 18 Jun 1645 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.

DEATH: Was drowned at the Harbour of Nocett at their first setting out from thence about  a fishing voyage.

Sarah EWER [Parents] was christened 1 on 10 May 1629 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom. Sarah married 2, 3 Thomas BLOSSOM on 18 Jun 1645 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States.

Source: "Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families"  vol. 1, by C.F. Swift

Marriage Notes:

MARRIAGE: Mar. at the house of Thomas Ewer? by Mr Freeman

John EWER [Parents] was christened 1 on 14 Jan 1627 in Strood, Kent, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 in 1652 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States. John married 3 Mary in BY 1625.

Source: "One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families" by John Osborne Austin

Mary. Mary married 1 John EWER in BY 1625.

Andrew FORD. Andrew married 1 Eleanor LOVELL in 1650 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Eleanor LOVELL [Parents] 1 was born 2 about 1633 in England, United Kingdom. She died in 1693 in Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States. Eleanor married 3 Andrew FORD in 1650 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Given name may be Ellen

James LOVELL [Parents] 1, 2 was born about 1635 in England, United Kingdom. He died before 30 Aug 1706 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. James married Jane.

Other marriages:
, Anna

Will probate August 30, 1706

Jane. Jane married James LOVELL.

Will probate August 30, 1706

James LOVELL [Parents] 1, 2 was born about 1635 in England, United Kingdom. He died before 30 Aug 1706 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States. James married Anna.

Other marriages:
, Jane

Will probate August 30, 1706

Anna. Anna married James LOVELL.

William HATCHE [Parents] was christened 1, 2 on 9 Dec 1563 in Tenterden, Kent, England, United Kingdom. He died 3 about 1627 in Ashford, Kent, England, United Kingdom. William married 4 Anne TILDEN on 26 Jul 1587 in Tenterden, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

William was also known as William Hatch.

WILLIAM HATCH (Thomas) was baptized 9 December 1563 at Tenterden, Kent. He married 26 July 1587 at Tenterden, Anne Tilden, daughter of John and Patience (Castlen) Tilden, who was baptized there 5 November 1570. William Hatch was the son of Thomas and Joan Hatch. Anne's father, John Tilden, was born about 1541 and was buried at Tenterden 29 January 1625/6. He was the son of Richard and Elizabeth (Glover?) Tilden. Anne (Tilden) Hatch, as well as one of her children, was a devisee of her grandfather George Castlen. William Hatch died at Ashford, Kent by 1627.

Anne TILDEN [Parents] [scrapbook] was christened 1, 2 on 5 Nov 1570 in Tenterden, Kent, England, United Kingdom. Anne married 3 William HATCHE on 26 Jul 1587 in Tenterden, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

Anne was also known as Ann Tilden.

They had the following children.

  M i
John HATCHE was born 1 about 1588.
  M ii
Thomas HATCHE was born 1 about 1590. He died 2 in 1646 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States.
  M iii William HATCHE was born about 1599. He died on 6 Nov 1651.
  F iv
Elizabeth HATCHE was born 1 about 1595.
  F v Judith HATCHE was born about 1598.
  F vi Margaret HATCHE was born about 1600.
  F vii Mary HATCHE was born about 1602.
  M viii
Son HATCHE was born 1 about 1605.
  F ix Anne HATCHE was born about 1608.

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rees in my orchyard Item I will that my executors allow her yearly sixteen bushells of come viz foure of wheat foure of Rye foure of barley and foure of Indian Come; as alsoe sixteene Rods of broken up ground and to bee well Dunged yearly for to sow hempe seed on Item I give her the bed furnished wheron I lye with two paire of sheets two pillows two paire of pillow coates one bolster one Rugg one blankett therunto belonging Item I give her one chamber pott two houshold platters two pewter Dishes one pewter Drinking pott; alsoe a little brase pott and a brasse skillett two spining Wheeles a paire of wool carafes a Trunke halfe a Dozen of milke trayes a coupple of wooden Dishes two wooden platters a milke payle two chayres foure spoones one of them being of silver Item a warming pan one brandiron one paire of tonges one paire of pothangers a tier slice Item I give her a hogg and my great brase kettle Item I give my Daughter Jane Lovell one milch cow to bee Delivered to her by my executors att two yeares end after my Decease Item I give unto my grandchild John Lovell a cow calfe to bee Delivered by my executors at two yeares end after my Decease; And if the lord give my Daughter Jane any more children then my will is that her next child shall have the first calfe of that calfe that I have given to her son John Lovell and the next child the next calfe and soe Successively Item I give my Daughter Jane one paire of sheets Item a chest alsoe a pewter candlesticke one Sawcer two alchymy spoones Item I give to my Daughter Ann Torry one milch cowe to her and her heires to bee Delivered at two yeares end after my Decease by my executors; Item I give to my grandchild James Torrey a cow calfe and the first calfe of her breed to my grandchild Willam Torrey and the next calfe of her to my grandchild Josepth and the next to my grandchild Damaris &c alsoe I give my Daughter Torrey the shipp pott; All the Rest of my moveables goods lands and tenements I give and bequeath to my two sons Walter hatch and Willam hatch to them and theire heires for ever to bee equally Devided between them Whom I appoint to bee the executors of this my last will and Testament and

40           Will and Inventory of William Hatch, Senior

to pay all my Debts and legacies In Wittnes Wherof I have heerunto sett my hand and seale the Day and yeare above

Witnesses Guilielmo Wetherell Willam Hatch
James Torrey        (seal)
Willam hatch the son of Thomas hatch

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William Hatch

William Hatch, a resident of Sandwich, Kent, sailed for New England in 1635 on the Hercules. Upon arrival he settled in Scituate, where he resided until his death in 1651. He brought with him his second wife and five children, two other children having died in England prior to the family s migration. The town of Scituate granted him the usual course of land distributions.

Beyond these basics,William Hatch in some respects seemed to reflect the norm of the middle of the middle stratum. He became a freeman soon after arrival and served in several offices, including participation on grand and petit juries. He was, in fact, a little above the norm, in that he was in 1642 and again in 1645 Deputy from Scituate to the Plymouth Colony General Court, and in 1643 he was appointed Lieutenant of the Scituate trainband.

Were this the totality of what the surviving records had to tell us about William Hatch, we would account him a solid but unremarkable New England immigrant. But in addition to the details of his life which have been outlined above, we find also a steady stream of other notices of this man which tell us a different story.

The very first entry in the volume of "Judicial Acts of the General Court and Court of Assistants" of Plymouth Colony, dated January 3, 1636/7, was a law suit against William Hatch, instituted by Comfort Starr in a case of debt, the jury finding for the plaintiff This judgment in itself was not remarkable, but, as will be seen, was a portent of things to come. Barely six months later, on June 7, 1637, "whereas William Hatch, of Scituate, is presented for an incroachment upon a piece of ground on this side the river without license of this Court, it is therefore enacted by this Court that the said William Hatch shall reap the crop this year only, and leave the land, which is the mulct laid upon him for his presumption therein."

Not long after these events, Hatch returned to England, and then sailed again for New England on the Castle, bringing with him his brother Thomas and his family.While on this voyage,William Hatch formed a partnership with Thomas Ruck and Joseph Merriam to handle the affairs of the voyage. In August 1639, a year after this transatlantic passage, Ruck and Merriam sued Hatch, claimed he did "overreckon, misreckon, account short & mischarge" various items in the accounts.

Two years later, on September 7, 1641 ,Williani Hatch was accused of stating publicly that "the warrants sent from the governor were nothing but stinking commissary warrants.  Finally, on March 5, 1643/4, the Court took notice of a dispute between Hatch and his servant Hercules, regarding the length of service of the latter. Very few men were so frequently recorded in so many forms of disagreeable behavior. Even so, throughout this period, William Hatch continued to hold offices at the colony and town level. His peers and neighbors clearly valued his skills and abilities highly enough to set aside his apparent antisocial behavior, but he may have been skating very close to the edge.

New England Ancestors Fall 2002, pg 24, Robert Charles Andreson

UNKNOWN. UNKNOWN married 1, 2 William HATCHE about 1623.

They had the following children.

  M i Walter HATCH was born about 1623. He died in BET 20 AUG 1698 AND 2 APR 1701.

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