Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

Thomas BLANCHARD 1-5258. Thomas married 2 (MRIN:911) Honour ROLFE-967 in BET 1645 AND 1647 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Honour ROLFE [Parents] [scrapbook]-967 was born about 1598 in Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom. She died 1 on 19 Dec 1650 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Honour married 2 (MRIN:911) Thomas BLANCHARD-5258 in BET 1645 AND 1647 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States.

Honour's will was probated 3 on 30 Sep 1651 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
ROLFE, Henry


"Henry Largiu of Charlstowne ------ house of Thomas Blanchard on n----- where widdow Honour Rolfe lay ----- berry lay sick. Shee did declare h------ be; that her sonne Beniam Rolfe should haue the substance of her estate, which was her owne pp estate, & that he should be her sole Executor. Only she gaue these pticulers as followeth, her bedding & Clothes linnen and woollen she gaue to be equally deuided betwixt her two daughters. Also shee gaue twenty shillings a piece to her fourc grtuidchildren to be giucn them five yearca after her death. Also one little Cowe she gaue to her Daughter yt hues at Newberry. Also of foure peeces of Brasse shee gaue two to her sonne Benjamin, which he should Choose, & to each of her daughters one. The rest shee gaue to her Sonne Beniamine, saueing two pewter platters which she gauc to cach of her daughters one. & further shoe cxprest her mind about a Barnc that is built vpon pt of her sonne Beniamins ground, she gaue to her sonne John Rolfe all her interest in the ground that the Barne stood vpon. this is the substance of her expression as farr as he can remember
"memorandum that pt of the 22 the whole 23.24 & pt of y 25 lines were blotted out
Ri. Bellingham.
"Taken vpon oath by the said Henry Largin this 20 12 1650. who further saith that the said Honor Rolfe was of a disposeing memory. before me Ri. Belhingham.
"The Testymoney of George Vaghan Aged abought 23 yeares Concerning the last will of Honor Rolfe widdow deceased: 19th of 10th mo. 1650. This Deponent saith that himselfe being in prfence together with Henry Largin some two daies before the death of the aboue said testator, he heard her make this her last will in maner following. Inprimis She bequeathed all her estate in generall to her yongcst Sonne Beniamine Rolfe onely excepted those pticulore which follow: Item to her foure Grand Children she gaue twenty shillings a peec, to be paid them foure or flue yeare after that time. Item all her Right in halfe an acre of Ground on which the Barne stands and a yonge sowe she gaue to her sonne John Rohfe: Item a little Cowe that she had she gaue to her daughter Hanah Dole. Item all her weareing Cloathes & bedding she gaue to be equally deuided betweene her two Daughters Anna and Hanah: these pticu1cm abouesaid this deponent tooke spetiall notice of; & further he saith not: only a day after her sonne in lawe Richard Dole comeing to her desired this Deponent to Aske her what she would doe with the three pounds ten shillings in England, & shoe Answered that she would that her sonne Beniamine should haue a sute of Cloathes out of it, & the rest he should haue meaning her said sonne in Lawe Richard Dole. The word Beniamine enterhined. Taken upon oath this 20th of the 12th mo 1650 before me William Hibbins"
"The Court vpon the Testimoneys of George Vaughan & Henry Largrn of Charlestowne as fare as there Testiinonys doe agree is the will & Testamet of Honour Rolfe." Copy of will, Ipswich Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 123.

Proved 30: 7: 1651 by Henry Lurgen and George Vaughan. Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol. 1, page 26.

William CLARKE 1, 2-3485 died in 1647 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. William married 3 (MRIN:912) Katherine-3486 in BY 1638 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.



by Frances Davis McTeer, A. M. , of Detroit, Michigan
and Frederick C. Warner, F.S., of North Amherst, Mass.

Mr. William Clarke was an innkeeper, proprietor in 1645 of "The Ship's Tavern" in Salem, Mass.; he is frequently mentioned in the Town Records, a property owner, a man of means, and an officer in the town's military company [Henry F. Waters, The Gedney and Clark Families of Salem, 1880, 5-11; Sidney Perley, History of Salem, 192_, 2:183j.

In the summer of 1647 Clarke died rather suddenly, perhaps a victim of the peculiar epidemical sickness which afflicted the colony in June of that year [Winthrop's Journal, 2:326. On 12:3m: 1647 Clarke was paid £2 .14.06 from the Salem Town rate presumably to compensate his expense, with Capt. Hawthorne and Mr. Corwin, in curinge for Goody Lamberte and her "dyett" [Salem T. R. 1:151]. But on 6: 5m: 1647 Corp. William Hawthorne, Mr. Georg Corwin and the widow Katherine Clark, all of Salem, were appointed administrators of the estate of William Clark, late of Salem deceased [Essex Co. Prob .Rec.1:65-67]. The estate was inventoried at 586.02.O2, including a 200 acre farm near Cedar Pond desingnated hereafter as the Clarke Farm, two dwelling houses, part ownership of two barkes and a shallop, 1500 lbs ot tobacco, cart of three hogsheads of sugar, 40 lbs of ginger, as well as other foodstuffs arc extensive furnishings belonging to the tavern [Perley, 2:183-4; Essex Co. Qtly. Ct. Rec. 1:119].

Evidently these commercial assets were speedily re- leased to the widow, for on 9: 5m: 1647, the very date of the inventory, Mrs. Clark of Salem was licensed to keep the ordinary at Salem, she to provide a "fit man yt is godlie to manage the business [ibid. 1:123]. There is no record of the disposition of the Clarke real estate although there is every evidence, as we shall see later, that the fan, was given to the widow for the beneilt of her minor children. On 11 Nov. 1647 on Mrs. Katherine Clarke's petition, the General Court ordered the distribution of the part of her husband's estate "as doth remain in specie" she to have £150, the four yourger children £110 with £40 out for schooling, the rest to be paid to the four at age 21 or at marriage "ye eldest son to have £28 and the other three £14 each, ye eldest sonne by his former wife £20, ye other £10, she yt is married £5" [Mass. Bay Col. Rec. 2:203]. The Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex Co., Mass. [1:32] for a court held at Salem on 30:10m: 1647, after reciting the same distribution to the widow and for the younger children's education, concludes "The elder son to have a double pchon and his eldest son by his former wife to have £20, the other £10 and shee that was married in his lifetime £5. These records of inventory and distribution are the whole account of William Clarke's estate settlement. Ills children are never mentioned by name. There are no probate papers, no guardianship records, and no way of knowing what happened to the assets of the estate other than the Farm and the cash on hand. The terms of the distribution are somewhat unusual in that the double pchon mentioned in the Essex County record was allowed to the eldest son of the second wife . However, this distribution dealt only with certain cash assets; all the heirs were allotted definite specified sums, with the double share applying only to the £70 remaining after the education of the minor children; and none of the amounts named was anyway near even one share of the inventoried estate.

Aside from these two records the children of the Salem innkeeper have received but scant genealogical attention and that with a rather negative conclusion. In his account of "The Prince Family" [TAG, supra, 14:83-36], G. Andrews Moriarty lists William Clarke's four daugters by the second marriage and mentions the existence of three older children living at the time of their father's death "but of whom there is no further  trace in the records." The purpose of the present article is two fold: I) to justify by probability the following identifIcation of the three older children of Mr. William Clarke; and 2) to present some new interpretations of the data regarding the children by his second wife.

Katherine 1, 2, 3-3486. Katherine married 4 (MRIN:912) William CLARKE-3485 in BY 1638 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  M i William CLARKE-3487 was born about 1608. He died on 5 Mar 1682/1683.
  M ii
Thomas CLARKE-3488 was born 1 about 1618 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2 on 12 Sep 1693 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.
  F iii Sarah CLARKE-969 was born in 1620. She died on 3 May 1698.

Nicholas RIST-3210. Nicholas married 1, 2 (MRIN:913) Sarah CLARKE-969 before 1672 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Sarah CLARKE [Parents] [scrapbook]-969 was born in 1620 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. She died 1 on 3 May 1698 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Sarah married 2, 3 (MRIN:913) Nicholas RIST-3210 before 1672 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Sarah had a will 4 on 20 Sep 1697 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Her will was probated 5 on 16 May 1698 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
DAVIS, George

Sarah married Nicholas Rist or Rice after the death of her first husband George Davis.

(Warrant for Arrest of Sarah Rice)
To: To the Constables in Reding

You are in theire Majesties names hereby required to apprehend and bring before us Sarah Rice the wife of Nicholas Rice of Reding on Tuesday next being the 31't day of this Instant moneth. at the house of Lt Nathan'l Ingersalls at Salem Village aboute ten of the Clock in the forenoon, who stand charged with haveing Committed. sundry acts of Witchcraft on the Bodys of Mary Walcot and Abigail Williams & others, to theire great hurt: &c in order to her Examination Relateing to the premises aboves'd faile not Dated Salem May 28'th 1692
[fig=BS30719a][/fig] us *John Hathorne [unclear: ] Assis'ts
*Jonathan. Corwin
(Reverse) In obedence to this warant I have brought the Body of Sarah Rice the wife of Nicolas Rice of Redding to the house of Leut nathanal Ingersons in Salem Viledg the: 31 of this Instant May: 1692
Atest *John Parker Constable of Redding
( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 52 )

(Complaint v. Martha Carrier, Elizabeth Fosdick,
Wilmott Reed, Sarah Rice, Elizabeth How, John Alden,
William Proctor, John Flood, Mary Toothaker and
daughter, and Arthur Abbott)
Salem May the 28'th 1692

Joseph Houlton and John Walcot both of Salem village Yeomen made Complaint in behalfe of theire Majes'ts against Martha Carrier  of Andover the wife of Thomas Carrier of s'd Towne husbandman  Elizabeth Fosdick of Maulden or charlstown William Reed of Marble- head the wife of Samull Reed of s'd placeSarah Rice of Reding  the wife of Nicholas Rice of s'd Towne Elizabeth How the wife of  James How of Topsfeild Capt John Alden of Boston Mariner, William  procter of Salem farmes, Capt John flood of Rowley marsh on  boston Mary Toothaker, the wife of Roger toothaker of Belrica,  and Mary Toothaker the daughter of s'd Roger Toothaker Arthur  Abott that lives between Ips. Topsfeild & wenham for sundry acts  of Witchcraft by them and Every one of them Committed on the  Bodys of Mary Walcot, Abigail Williams Marcy Lewis Ann putnam  and Others belonging to Salem Village or farmes Lately, to the hurt  and Injury of theire bodys therefore Craves Justice.

*Joseph houlton
*John Walcutt

Carrier of Andover -- -Marshall Essex

Reed of Marblehead -- Const --

Rice of Reding -- Const -- -

How of Topsfeild -- -Const

Wm procter -- -Const --

( Essex County Archives, Salem )

(Petition of Nicholas Rice)
To the honoured Generall Court now Sitting in Boston

The humble Petition of Nicholas Rist of Reading Sheoweth that whereas Sara Rist wife to the petition'r was taken into Custody the first day of June last and ever Since laine in Boston Goal for witchcraft, tho in all this time Nothing has been made Appear for w'ch shee desur'd Imprisonment or death, the petition'r has been a husband to the Said woman above Tweinty years, in all w'ch time he never had reason to accuse her for any Impietie or witchcraft, but the Contrary Shee lived w'th him as a good Faithfull dutifull wife and alwise had respect #[to the respect] to the ordinances of God while her Strength Remain'd and the petition'r on that Consideration is Obliged in Conscience and Justice #[oblige] to use all lawfull means for the Support and preservation of her life, and it is deplorable that in old age the poor decriped woman should ly under Confinment so long in a Stinching Goal when her Circumstances rather requires a Nurse to Attend her

May it therefore please yo'r hon'rs  to take this matter in to yo'r prudent  Considerations.and derect Some  speedy Methods whereby this ancient  decriped person may not for ever ly  in such Miserie wherein her life is  made more afflictive to her than death,  and the petition'r Shall as in dutie bound  Ever pray

Dated the 19'th october 1692
(Reverse) 1692 The humble petition of Nicholas Rist of Reading

( Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 63 )

Nathaniel PATTEN [Parents]-979 was born 1 on 28 Jul 1643 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2 on 12 Jun 1725 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Nathaniel married 3 (MRIN:914) Rebecca ADAMS-2272 on 24 Nov 1669 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Other marriages:
MORSE, Sarah Cooper

Rebecca ADAMS-2272. Rebecca married 1 (MRIN:914) Nathaniel PATTEN-979 on 24 Nov 1669 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Nathaniel PATTEN [Parents]-979 was born 1 on 28 Jul 1643 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2 on 12 Jun 1725 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Nathaniel married 3 (MRIN:915) Sarah COOPER-2273 on 8 Oct 1678.

Other marriages:
ADAMS, Rebecca
MORSE, Sarah Cooper

Sarah COOPER-2273. Sarah married 1 (MRIN:915) Nathaniel PATTEN-979 on 8 Oct 1678.

Nathaniel PATTEN [Parents]-979 was born 1 on 28 Jul 1643 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2 on 12 Jun 1725 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Nathaniel married (MRIN:916) Sarah HANCOCK-2274 on 15 Oct 1711.

Other marriages:
ADAMS, Rebecca
MORSE, Sarah Cooper

Sarah HANCOCK-2274. Sarah married (MRIN:916) Nathaniel PATTEN-979 on 15 Oct 1711.

Nathaniel PATTEN [Parents]-979 was born 1 on 28 Jul 1643 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. He died 2 on 12 Jun 1725 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Nathaniel married (MRIN:917) Sarah MORSE Cooper-2275.

Other marriages:
ADAMS, Rebecca

Sarah MORSE Cooper-2275. Sarah married (MRIN:917) Nathaniel PATTEN-979.

Amos WOODWARD-2276. Amos married (MRIN:918) Sarah PATTEN-980 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Sarah PATTEN [Parents]-980 was born on 26 Jan 1645 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. She died on 24 Sep 1677. Sarah married (MRIN:918) Amos WOODWARD-2276 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States.

Richard HOVEY [scrapbook]-1369 was born 1 in 1575 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 on 7 Mar 1636/1637 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. Richard married 3 (MRIN:919) Agnes-1370 in 1596.

The earliest Hovey I have been able to locate thus far is one Richard Hovey, born in 1575 in the County of Essex, England. Records were kept and verified at Waltham Abbey , Holy Cross Church, where many of the Hovey family were baptized, married, and buried. Waltham Abbey is located in the west corner of the county of Essex, between the River Lea and Epping Forest. The historic market town of Waltham Abbey retains a traditional character with its timber-frames buildings and its small bustling market that continues today. It is surrounded by woodlands, forest, and pleasant canal walks. The town dates from the time of Ralph de Tovi, standard-bearer to Canute the Great. The Abbey was originally built and adorned by King Harold [who is reportedly buried there], and consecrated on 3 May 1060. It was an Augustinian Abbey, of which there are still some visible remains within the surrounding gardens. It was one of the last to suffer under the dissolution of monasteries in 1514.

Extracted from Parish Register in the Abbey Church of Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, England by J. Henry Stamp, Curate ; on 28 Oct 1905 are the following:
1.         Agnes Hovey, daughter of Rychard Hovey--13 Apr 1597
2.         Rychard Hovey 7 Mar 1636
3.         Margret Hovey, daughter of John--20 Oct 1638
4.         A child of John Hovey--24 Oct 1641
5.         Richard Hovey, son of John Hovey--29 May 1649
6.         Nursing child of the Widow Hovey--9 May 1651
7.         Widow Hovey, elder--29 Aug 1653
8.         Joan Hovey, Widow of John--23 Aug 1658

1.         Margret Hovey, daughter of Rychard Hovey--10 Oct 1602
2.         Janne Hovey, daughter of Rychard Hovey--3 Feb 1604
3.         Francis Hovey, son of Rychard Hovey--20 Dec 1607
4.         James Hovey, son of Rychard Hovey--15 Apr 1610
5.         John Hovey, son of Rychard Hovey--19 Apr 1612
6.         Isabell Hovey, daughter of Rychard Hovey--326 Feb 1614
7.         Katharin Hovey, daughter of Rychard Hovey--8 Sep 1616
8.         *Daniel Hovey, son of Rychard Hovey--9 Aug 1618
9.         Margret Hovey, daughter of John Hovey--22 Jul 1638
10.       Elizabeth Hovey, daughter of John Hovey--10 May 1640
11.       Margret Hovey, daughter of John Hovey--13 Nov 1647

1.         Katharin Hoveyand Roger Coker--5 Oct 1634
2.         John Hovey and Joan Fowller--17 Sep 1637

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Agnes-1370 was born about 1575 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. She died on 29 Aug 1653. Agnes married 1 (MRIN:919) Richard HOVEY-1369 in 1596.

They had the following children.

  F i
Agnes HOVEY-1371 was born about 1597 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. She was buried 1 on 13 Apr 1597.
  F ii
Margaret HOVEY-1372 was christened 1 on 10 Oct 1602 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. She was buried on 20 Oct 1638.
  F iii
Janne HOVEY-1373 was born 1 on 3 Feb 1604/1605 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. She was christened on 3 Feb 1604/1605 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.
  M iv
Francis HOVEY-1374 was born on 20 Dec 1607 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. He was christened 1 on 20 Dec 1607 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.
  M v James HOVEY-1375 was born on 15 Apr 1610.
  M vi John HOVEY-1376 was born on 19 Apr 1612. He died before 9 May 1651.
  F vii
Isabelle HOVEY-1377 was born on 26 Feb 1614 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom. She was christened 1 on 26 Feb 1614/1615 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, United Kingdom.
  F viii Katherine HOVEY-1378 was born on 8 Sep 1616.
  M ix Daniel HOVEY-983 was born on 9 Aug 1618. He died on 24 Apr 1692.

Capt. Robert ANDREWS [scrapbook] 1-1379 was born about 1593 in Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 in 1643/1644 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States. Robert married 3 (MRIN:920) Elizabeth-1380 about 1618 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.


ORIGIN: Unknown
OCCUPATION: Innkeeper, licensed to keep an ordinary by the General Court on 3 September 1635 [MBCR 1:159], and again, was allowed on 13 May 1640 to draw wine at Ipswich, according to town regulations [MBCR 1:292].
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Ipswich church prior to 6 May 1635 implied by freemanship.
FREEMAN: 6 May 1635 [MBCR 1:370].
EDUCATION: He signed his will, and was concerned enough with the higher education of his son, Thomas, to make provision therein for his continued schooling and possible university attendance.
ESTATE: On 13 January 16371/81, the town of Ipswich granted to "Goodman Andrewes and Goodman Haffield 2 acres of ground in the place where Mr. Tuttell[s] hayricks stand" [ITR]. About 1637 there was granted "to Robert Andrewes one hundred acres of land having Chebacco Creek on the northwest ..., likewise ten acres of meadow lying upon L.abour-in-vayne Creek ..., likewise twelve acres of land lying on the north ~ side of the town ..., likewise six acres on the hill lying on the north side of town ..., also an houselot in town near the river" [ITR].

In his will, dated 1 March 1643/4 and proved 26 March 1644, "Robert Andrewes of Ipswich" named "eldest son John Andrews" executor, and bequeathed "unto my wife Elizabeth Andrews" £40; to "John Griffin the son of Humfry Griffin" £16 to be paid to hun when he turns 21, "& if he shall die before he comes to that age it shall return to my two sons John & Thomas Andrews"; "concerning my son Thomas Andrews my will is that he shall live with his brother John Andrews three years two of which he shall be helpful to his brother John Andrews in his husbandry and the last of the three years he shall go to school to recover his learning and if he shall go to the university or shall set himself upon some other way of living his brother John shall allow him ten pounds by the year for four years & then fifteen pounds by the year for two years succeeding after"; ‘concerning the fourscore pounds which is to be paid unto my son-in-law Francklin s daughter Elizabeth Francklin my grandchild my will is that if she die before the debt is due it shall be thus disposed ten pounds of it shall go to my son Daniell Hovie's child Daniell Hovey my grandchild and the other seventy pounds shall be divided between my two sons John & Thomas Andrews and if those my two sons should die then thirty pounds should be divided between my kinsmen John, Thomas, & Robert Burnum by equal portions & twenty more should go to Humphry Gryffin s two other sons & the other twenty shall go to Daniell Hovey. And because my son John Andrews is yet under age I do commend him unto Thomas Howlet as his guardian until he shall come of age" [EPR 1:27-28].

BIRTH: By about 1593 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: Between 1 March 1643/4 (date of will) and 26 March 1644
(probate of will).
MARRIAGE: By about 1618 Elizabeth _____ (probably a widow).
ASSOCIATIONS: Robert Andrews, in his will, speaks of his ‘kinsmen John, Thomas & Robert Burnum," without specifying the relationship. People have invented parents for the Burnhamn boys, making their father one Robert Burnhamn, and their mother one "Mary Andrews," an alleged sister of Robert Andrews, thereby making the boys nephews of Robert Andrews, all without any evidence whatsoever [Warner-Harrington 17].
COMMENTS: Robert Andrews has been placed by various writers as a passenger on the ill-fated Angel Gabriel in 1635 [e.g., Dommerich Anc 43], but this is a physical impossibility. Andrews was admitted to Massachusetts Bay freemanship on 6 May 1635, an event which implies his arrival in New England by 1634 and which required his presence in New England on 6 May 1635. The Angel Gabriel was riding at anchor near Bristol, England, on 26 May 1635, and did not sail for New England until 4 June [Young's First Planters 450-53].

Robert Andrews of Ipswich owed the late Rev. Joseph Avery £2 at the time of the latter's death on 15 August 1635 [MBCR 1:154]. Robert also. signed a petition of the inhabitants of Ipswich, dated 21 June 1637, in which the petitioners opposed the recall of John Winthrop Jr. [WP 3:432- 33].

Estimating the years of birth of Robert Andrews's children is a challenge. It would appear that Elizabeth, the purported stepdaughter, was born by 1619; she was undoubtedly married by 1639, and likely before that, as she had three sons by the time Robert Andrews made his will. ELIZABETH, b. England by 1619; ma. (1) say 1639 Humphrey Griffin of Ipswich; m. (2) Hugh Sherratt of Haverhill. In his will, Robert Andrews left bequests to the three sons of Humphrey Griffin, but did not state any relationship to them, although the amounts were similar to that left to his stated grandson, Daniel Hovey. On 30 March 1647, Elizabeth, widow of Robert Andrews, was admonished by the court for cursing and reviling her son-in-law, Humphrey Griffin. Likewise, Humphrey Griffin of Ipswich was presented "for reviling his wife's mother" [EQC 1:113]. Referring to a stepmother as "mother" was commnon, and does not prove an umbilical connection. Later, when the estate of Thomas Andrews, unmarried son of Robert Andrews, was administered, Daniel Hovey, husband of Abigail Andrews, wrote to the court listing the nieces and nephews of the deceased, so as to show the names of the heirs. All were named but Elizabeth's five children, and they did not petition the court to be recognized as heirs, either. Moreover, the court ordered distribution of the estate of Thomas Andrews to the children of his "only brother," and to "the children now living who descended from the two sisters" [EQC 9:120]. It is, therefore, clear that Elizabeth was not a sibling of the whole _ blood to the rest. The question then is whether she was a daughter of Robert Andrews from a previous marriage, or a daughter of Elizabeth, wife of Robert Andrews, from a previous marriage. Because Robert Andrews did not name Elizabeth in his will, though she was still living, and because her mother and her husband were in court later for calling each other names, and because her children are not named as heirs to Thomas Andrews's estate, we conclude that Elizabeth was more likely a

56  The Great Migration

daughter of Elizabeth ( ___) Andrews from a previous marriage than she was a daughter of Robert Andrews himself, and in that we concur with Walter Goodwin Davis who also considered this problem [Annis Spear Anc 1521.

Alice, whose daughter Elizabeth Franklin was born in Boston on 3 October 1638, could not have been born herself much later than our suggested birth year for Elizabeth. And Abigail, who had a son by the tune her father made his will, was probably not born later than 1623. There is then a gap of approximately five years before John's birth. We know that Thomas was younger than John, since John was asked in his father's will to look out for Thomas, hence the estimated year of birth of 1630 for the son Thomas. All of these, with the possible exception of John, are estimated dates, and some tolerance in either direction must be allowed for in the absence of more substantial evidence.

Pope, in error, states that Capt. Andrews made his will on 2 April 1641, and that it was proved on "22 (8) 1647." Pope took the erroneous date from the agreement between Robert Andrews and William Franklin [Pope 18; Annis Spear Anc 152-53].

From Internet
Capt. Robert Andrews, came from England, and settled at Ipswich, Massachusetts, early in the year 1635.  The Andrews Memorial states that Capt. Andrews, came from Norwich, Norfolk County, England, early in 1635, as owner and master of ship Angel Gabriel. Richard Mather, in his narrative of his voyage in the James says, they came in company part of the way, and that many Godly people were on board the ship.

This Capt. Andrews had a sister Mary, who was the wife of Robert Burnham.  Their three boys, John, Thomas, and Robert Burnham, it is said, were put in charge of their uncle Andrews, master of the ship Angel Gabriel which was cast away at Pemaquid, in Maine, in a terrible storm, 15 August 1635, after which loss, Capt. Andrews settled with his nephews at Chebacco, in Massachusetts Bay.

In a book entitled "Ancient Pemaquid," by J. W. Thornton, 1857, it says:
"On the last wednesday of May in this year (1635), the Angel Gabriel, a strong ship of 240 tons, and carrying a heavy armament of 16 guns swung at her moorings in the King's Road, four or five miles distant from the city. Her destination was Pemaquid. On her deck was a company of many Godly Christians, some from other ships, bound for New England; one of them was Richard Mather, visited there by Sir Ferdinando Georges, but the chief personage in the company was John Cogswell, a London merchant of wealth who with the fragments of his freight, and accompanied by his servants, settled at Ipswich."

In the fury of an easterly storm the ship with her cargo were totally lost; some of the passengers not escaping death, most notably the Blaisdell family. This shipwreck is chronicled as one of the greatest disasters in the annals of Pemaquid.

Robert was "made free 6 May 1635."
The name of Robert Andrews does not appear among those who went to Aggawam in 1633; but it does appear frequently in the public records after that date.  Hammatt says that he possessed a houselot on the south side of the river in 1635 and it is said that he lived near the South Church.  His name appears several times in the records of grants of lands:
3 Sept 1635 -- Robte Andrews licensed to keep ordinarye (an inn) in the plantacon where he lyves during the pleasure of ye court." This is the earliest reference to a public house in the records of Ipswich.
Aprill 20, 1635. Thomas Firman was granted one hundred acres of land, beyond Chebacco Creeke having Robert Andrews land on the north west and a great bare hill on the south west.
John Perkins Junr was granted a house lott containing an acre lying by the river, hauing Thomas Hardyes & Robert Andrewes house lotts on the south west side.
Granted to John Cross likewise five and Twenty acres in the North Side the Towne haueing the land of Thomas Dudley Esqur on the North, and Robert Andrews toward the South.
1635 -- Robert Andrews is allowed to sell wine by retail, "if he do not wittingly sell to such as abuse it by drunkenness."
1636 -- Thomas Hardy had a house lot near the river adjoining Robert Andrews and Thomas Howlett.
1640 May 13 -- Robert Andros is granted to draw wine at Ipswitch, with the conditions of the towne.
18 Jan 1641 -- Robert Andrew wittnessed a deed from Daniel Denison to Humphrey Griffin of a dwelling house &c near the mill.
Richard Scofield conveys the same to Robert Roberts 2:5mo: 1643. in which it is bounded by Robert Andrews, Mr. Bartlemew, John Perkins the younger and Thomas Boreman.

Elizabeth 1-1380 was born about 1593 in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. She died after 1644 in Massachusetts, United States. Elizabeth married 2 (MRIN:920) Capt. Robert ANDREWS-1379 about 1618 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States.

They had the following children.

  F i Alice ANDREWS-1381 was born about 1618.
  F ii Abigale ANDREWS-984 was born in 1623. She died on 24 Jun 1665.
  M iii John ANDREWS-1382 was born in 1628. He died on 13 Mar 1665.
  M iv
Thomas ANDREWS-1383 was born 1 in 1630 in Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. He died 2 on 10 Jul 1683 in Ipswich, Essex, England, United Kingdom.

iv THOMAS, b. say 1630, under age on 1 March 1643/4 when his father provided for him in his will, and clearly younger than his brother, John, was a school-master in Ipswich and d. there unm. on 10 July 1683 [EQC 9:120]. The inventory of the estate of "Mr. Thomas Andrews," schoolmaster, was "proved" on 16 September 1683, and included "goods & books, £38 9s.," "debts, as appears by his book of accounts, £356 2s. 6d.," a lot at Hogg Island, £8, and other debts and expenses [EQC 9:120-21]. John Ward, sometime resident of Ipswich, in his will dated 28 December 1652 and proved on 25 March 1656, stated, "My books I do give to Thomas Andrews of Ipswich and also my chirurgeon chest and all that is now in it" [EQC 1:420-21].

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