Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

William De BEAUCHAMP 9th Earl of Winchester [Parents] [scrapbook] 1-13427 was born 2 in 1237. He was buried 3 on 22 Jun 1298. William married (MRIN:5639) Maud Fitz JOHN-13428.

He became hereditary High Sheriff of Worcestershire for life on the death of his father in 1268.
He was a close friend of Edward I of England, and was an important leader in Edward's invasion of Wales in 1277.[2][3] In 1294 he raised the siege of Conwy Castle, where the King had been penned in,[4] crossing the estuary.[5] He was victorious on 5 March 1295 at the battle of Maes Moydog, against the rebel prince of Wales, Madog ap Llywelyn.[6]In a night attack on the Welsh infantry he used cavalry to drive them into compact formations which were then shot up by his archers and charged.[7]

Maud Fitz JOHN [Parents] 1-13428 was born 2 about 1237. She died 3 on 16 Apr 1301. Maud married (MRIN:5639) William De BEAUCHAMP 9th Earl of Winchester-13427.

They had the following children.

  F i Lady Isabel De BEAUCHAMP-13392 was born about 1262. She died about 30 May 1306.

Petre de GOUSHILL [Parents]-13471 was born 1 about 1245. He died 2 before 1 Jul 1287. Petre married (MRIN:5640) Ela de CAMOYS-13472.

Ela de CAMOYS [Parents]-13472 was born 1 about 1248. Ela married (MRIN:5640) Petre de GOUSHILL-13471.

They had the following children.

  M i Ralph De GOUSHILL-13393 was born about 1274. He died before 30 Aug 1294.

Fulk Fitz WARIN [Parents]-13476 was born 1 on 14 Sep 1251. He died 2 on 24 Nov 1315. Fulk married 3 (MRIN:5641) Margaret Verch GRUFFYDD-13477 before 25 Feb 1277.

Margaret Verch GRUFFYDD [Parents]-13477 was born 1 about 1254. She died 2 on 11 May 1336. Margaret married 3 (MRIN:5641) Fulk Fitz WARIN-13476 before 25 Feb 1277.

They had the following children.

  F i Hawise Fitz WARIN-13394 was born about 1277.

Henry De COBHAM-13397 was born 1 about 1260. He died 2 on 25 Aug 1339. Henry married (MRIN:5642) Maud De MORVILLE-13398.

Maud De MORVILLE-13398 was born 1 about 1270. Maud married (MRIN:5642) Henry De COBHAM-13397.

They had the following children.

  M i John De COBHAM 2nd Baron Cobham of Kent-13395 was born about 1296. He died on 25 Feb 1355.

John De BEAUCHAMP [Parents]-13399 was born 1 on 27 Jul 1274. He died 2 on 1 Jan 1337. John married (MRIN:5643) Joan CHENDUIT-13400 in 1301.

Joan CHENDUIT-13400 was born 1 about 1279. She died 2 on 9 Feb 1328. Joan married (MRIN:5643) John De BEAUCHAMP-13399 in 1301.

They had the following children.

  F i Joan De BEAUCHAMP-13396 was born about 1302. She died after 1343.

John De BEAUCHAMP [Parents]-13487 was born 1 about 1247. He died 2 on 24 Oct 1283. John married (MRIN:5644) Cecily De VIVONNE-13488.

Cecily De VIVONNE [Parents]-13488 was born 1 in 1257. She died 2 on 10 Jan 1321. Cecily married (MRIN:5644) John De BEAUCHAMP-13487.

They had the following children.

  M i John De BEAUCHAMP-13399 was born on 27 Jul 1274. He died on 1 Jan 1337.

Walter De BOROUGHDON-13403 was born 1 about 1270.

He had the following children.

  M i Sir Gilbert De BOROUGHDON-13401 was born in 1300. He died after 1342.

Robert De UMFREVILLE [Parents]-13404 was born 1 about 1277. He died 2 on 12 Apr 1325. Robert married (MRIN:5646) Lucy De KYME-13405.

Lucy De KYME [Parents]-13405 was born 1 about 1281. She died 2 on 2 Apr 1323. Lucy married (MRIN:5646) Robert De UMFREVILLE-13404.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth De UMFREVILLE-13402 was born about 1305. She died before 7 Jan 1381.

Gilbert De UMFREVILLE [Parents]-13406 was born 1 in 1244. He died before 13 Oct 1307. Gilbert married (MRIN:5647) Elizabeth COMYN-13407.

Elizabeth COMYN-13407 was born 1 about 1248. She died 2 before 17 Feb 1329. Elizabeth married (MRIN:5647) Gilbert De UMFREVILLE-13406.

They had the following children.

  M i Robert De UMFREVILLE-13404 was born about 1277. He died on 12 Apr 1325.

Phillip De KYME-13408 was born 1 about 1242. He died 2 before 2 Apr 1323. Phillip married (MRIN:5648) Joan BIGOD-13409.

Joan BIGOD-13409 was born 1 about 1246. Joan married (MRIN:5648) Phillip De KYME-13408.

They had the following children.

  F i Lucy De KYME-13405 was born about 1281. She died on 2 Apr 1323.

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