Ancestors of Tim Farr and Descendants of Stephen Farr Sr. of Concord, Massachusetts and Lidlington, Bedfordshire, England

William I the Lion, King of SCOTLAND [Parents] 1-5730.

He had the following children.

  F i Isabel of SCOTLAND-5729 was born about 1175. She died in 1240.

Prince Henry of SCOTLAND [Parents] 1-13422 was born 2 about 1114. He died 3 on 12 Jun 1152. Henry married (MRIN:2542) Ada De WARENNE-13423.

Henry was also known as Henry of Huntingdon Earl.

Ada De WARENNE [Parents] 1-13423 was born 2 about 1120. She died 3 in 1178. Ada married (MRIN:2542) Prince Henry of SCOTLAND-13422.

Ada was also known as Ada of Surrey.

They had the following children.

  M i William I the Lion, King of SCOTLAND-5730.
  F ii Princess Marjory of SCOTLAND-13421 was born about 1152. She died about 1213.

David I King of SCOTLAND [Parents] 1-5731. David married (MRIN:2543) Matilda of HUNTINGDON-5732.

Matilda of HUNTINGDON 1-5732. Matilda married (MRIN:2543) David I King of SCOTLAND-5731.

They had the following children.

  M i Prince Henry of SCOTLAND-13422 was born about 1114. He died on 12 Jun 1152.

Sir William HERON 1, 2-5735. William married (MRIN:2544) Anne OGLE-5736 on 13 Jan 1411/1412.

ANNIE OGLE, married (1st) by dispensation dated 13 Jan. 1411/2 (they being related in the 4th degree of kindred) WILLIAM HERON, Knt., of Cornhull, Northumberland, Sheriff of Northumberland, son and heir of William Heron, by Isabel, daughter of Richard Scot, of Newcastle. He was born about Oct. 1400 (aged 3 months in Jan. 1400/1). They had one daughter, Elizabeth. He was knighted before Feb. 1421/2. He received seisin of the manor of Croydon, Cambridgeshire, on the death of his grandmother, Margaret Heron, in 1423. The same year he was heir to his cousin, John Hawkeswell. SIR WILLIAM HERON died 1 Sept. 1425. His widow, Anne, married (2nd) (as his 2nd wife) JOHN MJDDLETON, Knt., of Belsay, Northumberland, Sheriff of Northumberland, son and heir of John Middleton, Knt., of Belsay, Northumberland, by Joan, daughter and co-heiress of Clement Skelton, Knt. They had one son, John, and one daughter, (wife of Edmund Hastings, Knt.). He was appointed ambassador for a truce with Scotland in 1459. His retinue captured Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, near Hexham in May 1464.

Anne OGLE [Parents] 1, 2-5736. Anne married (MRIN:2544) Sir William HERON-5735 on 13 Jan 1411/1412.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth HERON-5734.

Sir Robert OGLE 1, 2-5737. Robert married (MRIN:2545) Maud de GREY-5738.

MAUD GRAY, married about 21 May 1399 ROBERT OGLE, Knt., of Ogle, Hepple, Shilvington, Saltwick, etc., Northumberland, IK.night of the Shire for Northumberland, Sheriff of Northumberland, Constable of Barwick-upon­ Tweed, Norham, Roxburgh, and Wark Castles, Steward of the Bishop of Durham's liberty of Norhamshire and Islandshire, son and heir of Robert Ogle, Knt., Ogle, Bothal, Hepple, etc., by Joan, daughter and co-heiress of Alan Heton, Knt. He was born 1380-84 (variously aged 26 and 30 in 1410). They had three sons, Robert, Knt. [1st Lord Ogle], John, Esq., and William, Esq., and seven daughters, Margaret (or Margery), Anne, Constance (wife of John Mitford, Knt.), Joan (or Jane),______(wife ofJobn Lilburne),_____(wife of Thomas lisle), and ______ (wife of Matthew Whitfield, Knt.). In 1424 he was a member of the embassy appointed to conduct James, King of Scotland, from Durham into Scotland. SIR ROBERT OGLE died 12 August 1436. His widow, Maud, was living in 1453/4.

Maud de GREY [Parents] 1, 2-5738. Maud married (MRIN:2545) Sir Robert OGLE-5737.

They had the following children.

  F i Anne OGLE-5736.

Sir Thomas GREY 1, 2-5739 was born in 1359. He died in 26 NOV 1400 OR 3 DEC 1400. Thomas married (MRIN:2546) Joan MOWBRAY-5740 before 1384.

.JOAN MOWBRAY, married before 1384 THOMAS GRAY (or GREY), Knt., of Heaton (in Norham), Doddington, Nesbit (in Doddington), and Weetwood (in Chatton), Northumberland, Knight of the Shire for Northumberland, son and heir of Thomas Gray, Knt., of Heaton (in Norham), Doddington, etc., Northumberland, by Margaret, daughter and heiress of Wiliiam de Pressen. He was born about 1359 (aged 10 in 1369). They had four sons, Thomas, Krnt., Jobn, Knt., K.G. jlst Count of Tancarville], Henry, and William (clerk) [Bishop of London, later Bishop of Lincoln], and one daughter, Maud. They received a papal indult for private masses in 1396. In 1398 he acquired the castle and barony of Wark-upon-Tweed, Northumberland from Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland. SIR THOMAS GRAY died 26 Nov. (or 3 Dec.) 1400. His widow, Joan, married (2nd) before 8 June 1407 THOMAS TENSTALL, Knt. (died 1415). She was living 30 Nov. 1402.

Joan MOWBRAY [Parents] 1, 2-5740. Joan married (MRIN:2546) Sir Thomas GREY-5739 before 1384.

Joan's ancestry to Henry II:
King of England, by a mistress, IDA _____
LONGESPEE, Knt., Earl of Salisbury, married ELA OF SALISBURY.
married WILLIAM DE BEAUCHAMP, Knt., of Bedford, Bedfordsbire.
MAUD DE BEAUCHAMP, marned ROGER DE MOWBRAY, Knt., of Thirsk, Yorkshire.
ROGER DE MOWBRAY, Knt., lst Lord Mowbray, married ROSE DE CLARE.
JOHN DE MOWBRAY, Knt., 2nd Lord Mowbray, married ALLNE DE BREWES.
Knt., 3rd Lord Mowbray, married JOAN OF LANCASTER (desc. King Henry III).
JOHN DE MOWBRAY, Knt., 4th Lord Mowbray, married ELIZABETH DE SEGRAVE (desc. King Edward 1)

They had the following children.

  F i Maud de GREY-5738.

John MOWBRAY 4th Baron Mowbray [Parents] 1, 2-5741 was born 3 on 25 Jun 1340 in Epworth, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 4 on 17 Jun 1368 in Thrace near Constantinople. John married 5 (MRIN:2547) Elizabeth de SEGRAVE-5742 on 25 Mar 1349.

JOHN DE MOWBRAY, Knt., 4th Lord Mowbray, of Axholme, Lincolnsbire, son and heir, born at Epworth, Lincolnshire 25 June 1340. He married by papal dispensation dated 25 March 1349 (they being related in the 4th degree of kindred) ELIZABETH DE SEGRAVE, Lady Segrave suojure, daughter and heiress of John de Segrave, Knt., 4th Lord Segrave, of Barton Segrave, Leicestersbire, Bretby, Derbyshire, etc. (descendant of King John), by Margaret, Duchess and Countess of Norfolk, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas of Brotherton, Knt., Earl of Norfolk, Marshal of England (son of King Edward I') [see NORFOLK 7 for her ancestry]. She was born 25 Oct. 1338, and baptized the same day at Croxton Abbey. They had two sons, John [5th Lord Mowbray] and Thomas, Knt., K.G. [6th Lord Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, etc.], and three daughters, Eleanor, Margaret, and Joan. In 1351 his wife, Elizabeth, then a resident of Norwich diocese, received a papal indult for plenary reimssion. She is said to have become ruo jure Lady Segrave, on the death of her father, Sir John de Segrave, 1 April 1353. He was knighted in July 1355 when the King was with his fleet in the Downs on his way to an invasion of France. Next year he served in the Brittany campaign. He was summoned to Parliament from 14 August 1362 to 20 Jan. 1365/6. In 1367 he was going beyond seas by the King's license. SIR JOHN DE MOWBRAY, 4th Lord Mowbray, was slain by the Turks in Thrace near Constantinople 17 June 1368, and was presumably buried in Pera convent in Constantinople. His wife, Elizabeth, predeceased him.

JOHN DE MOWBRAY, knight, lord of Axiholm.
17 May 1369. [fo. 71.]
Commission to John Stretle and Geoffrey lo Scrop, canons of Lincoln, to grant probate.
5 May 1316. [fo. 323.]
Commission to Ric. de Raveneer archdn. of Lincoln, John de Bolv' subdean, Sir John Bagote knt., Thos. Willoford rector of Belton, Rob. de Yonealey vicar of Ouston, and William Roes and Thos de Burnham domicelli, to examine and settle the account of Win. de Dalby rector of Epworth, executor of the will of deceased.

Elizabeth de SEGRAVE [Parents] 1, 2-5742 was christened 3 on 25 Oct 1338 in Croxton Abbey, Cambridgeshire. Elizabeth married 4 (MRIN:2547) John MOWBRAY 4th Baron Mowbray-5741 on 25 Mar 1349.

They had the following children.

  F i Joan MOWBRAY-5740.

John MOWBRAY Knight [Parents] 1-5781 was born 2 on 29 Nov 1310 in Hovingham, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. He died 3 on 4 Oct 1361 in York, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom. John married 4 (MRIN:2548) Joan LANCASTER-5782 in bet 28 Feb 1326/7 and 4 June 1328.

JOHN DE MOWBRAY, Knt., 3td Lord Mowbray, Baron of Axholme, Linco]nsbire, Baron of Bramber, Sussex, lord of Gower in Wales, Keeper of Berwick-on-Tweed, son and heir, born at Hovingham, Yorkshire 29 Nov. 1310 and baptized there. As a child, he was affianced to marry MAUD DE HOLAND, daughter of Robert de Holand, Knt., jtt Lord Holand, by Maud, daughter and co-heiress of Alan la Zouche, Knt., Lord Zouche [see SAVAGE 8]. This marriage never took place. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London with his mother 26 Feb. 1321/2. He married between 28 Feb. 1326/7 and 4 June 1328 JOAN OF LANCASTER, 6th and youngest daughter of Henry ofLancaster, Knt., Earl of Lancaster (grandson of King Henry III), by Maud, daughter and heiress of Patrick de Chaworth, Knt. [see LANCASTER 6 for her ancestry]. They had one son, John, Knt. [4th Lord Mowbray] and two daughters, Blanche and Eleanor. On the accession of King Edward III, his father's attainder was reversed, and he had livery of all his father's lands, excepting those of the Templars. He was summoned to Parliament from 10 Dec. 1327 to 20 Nov. 1360. He served in the Scots and French wars. In 1333, while he was with the king's army at Berwick, a band of intruders raided the lordship of Gower and plundered some of his tenants. In 1337 two ships were provided for him going to Scotland. In 1338 he was ordered to take all his forces to Sussex to defend the coast. In 1342 he and his wife, Joan, received a papal indult for plenary remission. He was one of the commanders of the English Army at the Battle of Nevili's Cross, Durham 17 Oct. 1346. He was present at the siege of Calais in 1347. His wife, Joan, died 7 July [?1349], and was buried before the high altar at Byland. He is said to have taken part in the naval defeat of the Spaniards off Winchelsea in 1350. He married (2nd) before papal dispensation dated 4 May 1351 (they being related in the 4th and 3rd degrees of kindred) ELIZABETH DE VERE, widow of Hugh de Courtenay, K.G. (died before 2 Sept. 1349), and daughter of John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford, by Maud, daughter of Bartholomew de Badllesmere, Lord Badlesmere. They had no known surviving issue. In 1354 his title to Gower was contested by Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick in the Court of Common Pleas, which suit was decided in Warwick's favor. In 1356 he witnessed the surrender by Baliol of his claim to the Scottish crown in favor of Edward. SIR JOHN DE MOWBRAY, 3rd Lord Mowbray, died of pestilence at York 4 Oct. 1361, and was buried at the church of Friars Minor, Bedford. His widow, Elizabeth, married (3rd) before 18 Jan. 1368/9 William de Cossington, Knt. (living 6 July 1380), son and heir of Stephen de Cossington, of Cosynton (in Aylesford) and Acrise, Kent. She died 16 August 1375.

Joan LANCASTER [Parents] 1-5782 died 2 on 7 Jul 1349. Joan married 3 (MRIN:2548) John MOWBRAY Knight-5781 in bet 28 Feb 1326/7 and 4 June 1328.

They had the following children.

  M i John MOWBRAY 4th Baron Mowbray-5741 was born on 25 Jun 1340. He died on 17 Jun 1368.

John de SEGRAVE 4th Baron Segrave 1-5743. John married (MRIN:2549) Margaret PLANTAGENET Duchess of Norfolk-5744.

Margaret PLANTAGENET Duchess of Norfolk [Parents] 1-5744. Margaret married (MRIN:2549) John de SEGRAVE 4th Baron Segrave-5743.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth de SEGRAVE-5742 was christened on 25 Oct 1338.

Thomas of Brotherton PLANTAGENET Earl of Norfolk [Parents] 1-5745. Thomas married (MRIN:2550) Alice de HALES-5746.

Alice de HALES 1-5746. Alice married (MRIN:2550) Thomas of Brotherton PLANTAGENET Earl of Norfolk-5745.

They had the following children.

  F i Margaret PLANTAGENET Duchess of Norfolk-5744.

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